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September 03, 2007



Sorry to hear about your disappointment :( But this is a great prompt. I am soooo far behind on these (I think about 10 weeks!!) but I am still planning to start catching up soon.


I hope whatever upset you is OK now Em. xo

cataherine feegel-erhardt memory makers master c/o 2007

beauty, magic AND strength is YOU!

Rachel Whetzel

Oh, Em! So sorry... I hope things aren't feeling so sucker punched today... Love the prompt! I'll have to think on this one...

Bek Geach

I am sorry to hear about you feeling crappy with some news that made you feel punched in the stomach!
I hate those days.
You are right tho, they happen.
And usually for a reason.
Sometimes the BEST situations come out of those experiences... EVEN BETTER than the disapointment itself, if that makes sense.
(hugs) and love...

sarah the kiwigirl

Perfect timing on this topic......my adored mum died last week and I need all the strength I can muster....


Beautiful card Emily, very strong journaling, hope today you have a day filled with wonderful things!


So sorry to hear about your dissapointment, Emily. Hope things will be better soon!

Your card is beautiful, it's again a great prompt! I'm done and you can find my card here: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com

Bek Geach

Here is mine for the week:

Take care sweets


Lovin that card Em, hopin today is a better day!!


Oh Em! Those kind of moments can be so hard. I'm sorry love. I'll be thinking of you. What a great way to handle it though, channeling it into creativity. I know I've been a long lost friend the past 2 months or so. Let's just say you've handled your move so much better than me. And you've had a baby too! :) I love you chicky. Well I finally let myself get some painting time in and it feels great. I made a little painting a few days ago and put it on my blog. I'm starting on catching up (7 weeks) on the challenges, but for now here's a fun little Halloween painting I made. HOpe it brightens your day. :)
Love you!
~Karalenn (Penelope Crackers)


I forgot to say my sympathies to "Sarah the kiwigirl" whose much loved mum just passed away. I'll keep you in my prayers. Much strength sweetie.


Fabulous card! I can't wait to try my hand at it.


I'm sorry about your dissapointment Em, hope you feel better now?
Also my sympathies to Sarah... I'll be thinking of you, lots of strength hunny!

Here's my card for this week

Lee W

you made a wonderful lemonade from the lemon you received! As always, your cards are so pretty!


Here my card for this week


Hope things go better Emily, dutch hugs from me hope they help you feeling better :)


Love what you have done here and even more than your personal creation, your perspective to look for the positive during personal pain.

I hope things are better for you today.


Sorry to hear something didn't went the positive way it should have...but I love your attitude towards it - we say in Germany..."you never know what it was good for"

Here is my take on your challenge this week - I loved it ...though typing is not my STRENGHT - LOL http://www.scrapbook-trends.com/


Fabulous prompt & such a great card!!
I had to think for a while on this one & then drawing from a very recent experience, it came to me!


Love your card. Hope your feeling better!

Here is my card:

Love JeNN

Bethany Engstrom

Loved this one! Here's mine:

jennifer davis

What a thoughtful and beautiful post...thanks for sharing as always and hope things start looking up now that you've decided to look at things differently. Beautiful card and prompt!

Hang in there! (((HUGS)))

It's Not Easy Being Green

Here is mine.



Hope things are better for you now Emily.

My card for this week..




I've been playing catch up!!!
I've just done 5 of the cards (2 more to go to be totally up to date!!!)

You can see my cards here at:


Xx Jess

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