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October 22, 2007



8 hours, Yeah Yindi!!! beautiful card Em

Danielle Melnyczenko

Beautiful idea Em. Sounds like the perfect medicine for the negative cloud hanging over my head atm. Loving the card and I'm going to leave it at that and get scrappin.


Hey, that's a good idea......so now we show our cards.....when?? Or can we take last week too??


I would love to do this challenge next year...absolutely love to do this each week-so grateful you take the time to post challenges!


mine is here ... glad you are getting some sleep em - its totally under-rated! :-)



Hi...I found your art journal challenges by sheer fluke following a link a few weeks ago and browsed back through them. I'd be interested in taking the challenge next year if you run it.

Do we have to show and tell at the end, how does it work.

PS the mini grateful journal in week form is easier than keeping track of rather than a full journal. Will give that a go at least.


Bek Geach

Wow.. eight hours, that little Yindi sure loves you :) What an angel.

YES YES YES.. I want to do this next year, and the one after that.... and the one after THAT, and and LOL!

I ***LOVE*** your cards and your prompts, you are a "rockin aussie chick inspiration" my girl !!


Amy McClary

I would love to join in next year - I have been following along each week but felt to far behind to jump in!

I watched Mick's video while I drank my morning coffee on Saturday...one word - hilarious!


Oh, I just caught your husband's (DH!) Scrapbooking Habitat video...WHAT A RIOT!! It was absolutely hysterical...I enjoyed it so much - and what a cutie your DH is!! :D ~Cathy

Heather H.

Great prompt for the week. I'm going to go make mine now. I need to focus on the good things rather than the not so good!


Fab card, Em. Another great prompt. I picked one thing, my friend, Louise.I am grateful for her all the time.My gratitude for her spans every week especially as I have been quite ill this year & when we did blessings week 30, I picked all the other things back then that I am still grateful for now.



What a great card Emily! 8 hours of sleep is so nice after you've had a little one that's been up and down during the night, huh?

Here is my card for this week. I love this prompt. Really could use this once in a while...



Heather Prins

love it and the challenge. i am doing the cards slowly, would love you to keep it going!!!


Love the idea you used to write everyday something down. I've start my grateful week. I start with photos and at the back a little journaling.
I'm looking forward for the results of the other members of this challenge and the challenge next year.

Heather H.

Okay... here's mine and then some! http://alifesosimple.blogspot.com/

Jodee Christensen

Can I join! I love this!!!


Woo hoo!! I remember getting 8 hours sleep!! Great prompt Em :)


Here's mine for this week,
great prompt as always, Emily :)

Judy in Carefree

Yes, yes, yes, but I have to do this year's first! I can and I will!


Mine is up!! With some nice photos of Fall and duckies:-)


Off to check the rest you girls already made!


I have had a lot of fun working on this card a week. Most of my scrapbooking revolves around my daughters, so I'm really happy to have this challenge where I am the focus. Thank you for all the prompts! I would love to do this challenge next year.

Laurie Dagg-Labine

I would really love to participate next year. I will be finished by degree in Decmber, which is what prevented me from participating this year..in combination with two kids, and full-time work and home responsibilities...so next year I can add it to the list of priorities for me...I have been following along each week and completing them in my head...so if you decided to do one for next year...I would definitely be in. Thanks Emily.


Hi Em.
love the prompt for this week. I have been really busy this autumn....and this week it all ended up in one great big fantastic event.... Had to celebrate my friends lene and Vibeke on my card this week.... :)
I wish you a great new week.

Michelle OKeefe

Yes, do something again next year. Loved this. Something else might be fun too, don't have an idea for you though. This was like mini art journal entries, but we could have done a layout with the prompts also. So it was great. Playing catch-up here. Really love seeing your cards.


I absolutely want to do this again next year. It has been great. I look forward to seeing the new card every week. For what it's worth Em, you brighten my day and encourage me to continue to create.

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