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October 07, 2007



How funny Em. I was just looking at your blog just in case you had put a new topic up and then clicked on something and came back and here you are with your new lovely card. You know, I think this is one of my favorties of yours. It's beautiful. I love your sweet 14 year old face and bushy eye brows. :) I had them too. hehe. I'll be thinking of what to do for this one. I made a little pumpkin patch painting for the "Life is Beautiful" prompt. Have a great week cutie and Happy Autumn.


Wow!!! I LOVE your card Emily! The colours are gorgeous and I love the bling!! I've almost caught up on the prompts now and already got an idea for this one! http://deckofme.blogspot.com/


oh! this is the most beautiful ever! I like your eyebrows there and cant believe you are only 14 in that photo! I had a hideous time at that age too and will definatley NOT be showing any photos!


this is stunning. all the layers and colors are so so eyecatching and beautiful. i love it!


OMG Em! Your card is AWESOME! I LOVE IT!

I have actually made a SLIGHT dent in my cards. 3 down too many to count to go. LOL

Here is the link to my cards

They are actually in 2 posts since I forgot to post the 2 I posted on my blog a couple of days ago. Hope you like them.

Have a GREAT week.


Beautiful card--visually, of course, but also because of the sentiment in the message.

My heart aches for the girl who thought no one would like her REAL self. But my heart rejoices for the woman who now knows the truth. When we are TRUE to ourselves, when we LOVE ourselves, we are ALL BEAUTIFUL!

When my 6-year-old daughter was dancing around, wearing a pink feather boa and orange sunglasses, singing at the top of her lungs, I thought, "You go, girl." I pray that she still has that self confident, comfortable in her own skin, what's NOT to love about me attitude in 10 years. I will do everything in my power to help her hang onto it while the rest of the world tries to wring it out of her!

Thank you Emily. For sharing your art and yourself. And for being a great mamma to those two beautiful girls.


What a wonderful beautiful card! I read your blog and watch your cards every week sometimes more and i love this one most of all! You are so creative!


Really love your card !! You are truly amazind. Am i going crazy, was that card supposed to be no 39 or did i miss one :)


So true - wish I hadn't spent my teens trying to fit in and failing miserably. Now in my mid (nearly late!) twenties, I'm finally learning to love the real me, and realise that the people who matter love me for who I really am. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one.

And great card!


Just finally could finish my card 39 and made 40!great prompt Emily!!!Thank you


Great card Emily.
here is mine this week:

lene s

Oh that card is so beautiful! Love all the layers, the photo. And I love this weeks prompt, I have quite a few things to choose from related to it. And thats a good thing! ;o)


your card is stunning ... another great prompt!
mine is here
enjoy your week!
luv c


Besides the fact that your card ist sooo beautiful - it totally spoke out of my soul - I hated thsi time -reaaaallly- totally
so I did the card right away - LOL - nothing fancy. http://www.scrapbook-trends.com/


an interesting post, Em! The first thing I thought of was... what years? i loved those years! I, unlike many, did dance to my own beat, sometimes it wasn't the coolest beat... :) I was thinking about it... i can remember this one outfit I wore... neon green cowboy button up shirt, patched up CK jeans, and I mean about 20 or so rainbow colored patches and thrifted cream and orange fringe around the bottom, and of course those jeans had been cut up the centers at the ankle and turned into bell-bottoms.... :) and then there was my embroidered pants... one weekend we spent at our cabin I got bored and attacked my 501s with embroidery thread... I came out with forget-me-nots all over my right butt cheek, a palm tree up one leg, a sun and the russian word for I, or me... and I think some random stripes dots and goodness... oh, my poor friends must have thought I was nuts.... yes, it is true, dancing to your own beat is the pure joy in life!!!
card to come later! Happy Monday!


Em that is such a gorgeous card. Love the napkin bits & fab photo.
I had to think hard for this one today. But came up with something that has been on my mind a lot recently.


I L O V E this card of you Em!!! Great prompt, makes you think back for a while, read stuff you find......thanks a lot!!!
Mine is up, little later, but had to make the Turkey stuffing first LOL


Have a great day!
X Marjolein

Heather H.

Wow! What a challenge. This could be a painful one. I love your's. And you were beautiful at 14!


Love your card! Soo beautiful... I had to "scraplift" it ;)

Here Is mine:



Wow...what a moving card and prompt this week! I finished mine up and put it on my blog.

Thanks for looking!



Jennifer Mattix

Gorgeous! I think those years suck for everyone. Well done.

sarah the kiwigirl

Fabulous prompt, and this card I love the best it is gorgeous!....and you look stunning!


Your card is beautiful, colourful and I would not have recognised you !!!
I have decided to go for a collage of old photos (all photos of the young me are old !!!) I am amazed at how much like me my children seem to be.


A beautiful card, love that photo, you are gorgeous and I love the colours.

Bek Geach

Ems - another great prompt... made me get rather "deep" ;-)


Thanks you yummy mummy!!!

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