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October 27, 2007



I just moved to central new york 4 months ago from the west coast and I am still amazed and how different it is. AND the fall! It is so beautiful. It takes my breath away. Enjoy your time here.


I have relatives in upstate NY so I have visited there often. Very beautiful! Hope you have fun, and hopefull things turn out for the best in San Diego! Glad to know you and your family are ok!

molly b

gosh what lovely photos!
no smokey air to breath!
i'm so relieved you guys just took a break!

you rock!


Have a great time there !!...enjoy your stay....great photos !!! love Dani


Lovely pictures. It's great to hear that everything is okay with you and your family.
i hope that the fire stops soon and that your home will be safed for the fire.

If a great time by the parsons.


So glad you're all okay. I have family in California so I know how awful those fires have been.

Isn't the east coast great this time of the year? I live in Massachusetts and this is my favorite season. All the leaves changing and the cool, crisp air is so nice. It is definitely different than California (I know, I grew up there), so enjoy your stay and have fun!

Anna M-W

Gorgeous pics!

I hope everything is all right in CA for you. Thinking of you...


Hey -- I'm living in upstate New York. I'm so glad you like it! You're visiting at the perfect time. The air is crisp and the leaves are at their peak. ENJOY!

Michelle Jacquemet

So glad you were able to escape the air for a while. That last photo of Ivy is gorgeous!


oh you look like you fit right in. :)
have a wonderful time!


Glad to hear you are away from the smoke and danger! It had to have been nerve wracking and frightening...

It looks lovely and like everyone is having fun! Enjoy your mini break Upstate - now you know why us NYers (even those of us on the estern side of the state) love it here so much :)


Em,how beautiful - those shots - the one of Ivy on the bridge ahh
I have just finished my Vegemite on toast breakfast - how delightful to to catch up with friends from home!
I am posting your parcel tomorrow!
Should be there when you arrive back home. Stay safe and have a great time! Love Marelle Mia and Ella (Australia)xxxxxx


Those shots are gorgeous, love the one with you and your baby girl!! How big she's getting!!
Glad to hear you all took a break!! I sure hope everything in C. is working out for the best!!


ah its so beautiful, bet it feels good to have all that green around you!...that baby is delicious!

Rachel Whetzel

So good to know that you are OK... Man, that baby looks like her DADDY! lol Getting sick of that yet?


We love those woods...I always come back from Dave and Chels' with hundreds of photos. Have a great time...and take lots of photos (especially since Chels is without her camera...she's NEVER without that thing!)


I can 'smell' the fresh air just from your photos!!! What a treat for you all! Upstate NY is absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy your days. And take care!!


looks like you guys are having fun and having a nice break from the smoke! you deserve it!

Elle Pollard

glad you all had a fab time - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yindi's green hat !! Did you make it or buy it - if so where is it from ?
Would love one for DS xx

caro in canada

hey - you're almost in my neck of the woods! (i'm in ontario)- fall is my favourite time of the year...the colours, the smells, the comfort food - so yummy! glad you're enjoying it!


What gorgeous pics! We moved here a year ago from the west coast and the fall here is really spectacular! Looks like you had a lovely time.
I'm signing up for your paint class via Big Picture Scrapbooking, can't wait to learn fro you! Peace, d.


MMMMM vegemite-on-toast...can't live with out it!!!!

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