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October 19, 2007



Yay! I'm the first to comment! We also are into the soup making season and actually have that exact same topic my blog's latest entry. You will see my daughter (age 4) chopping up carrots as well!
I'm a huge fan and love all your work! You inspire and make me jealous all at the same time! (and you live in SD? I'm even more green-crazy-jealous now!)
Peace, d.

jill s

baby giggles are the best ever.
i can't get enough of emersons laugh right now!


no panicking here! i say kudos to you, sister, for teaching her the right way to handle a knife!!

hey - can i borrow her? :o) i'm really tired of cooking and we're just a hop, skip & jump down the 5 from you!


so many happy things in this post!
love that you let ivy help you-im always like yea yea, get out of here let me do this. :) im going to be more like you and let them help from now on.
yindi did not laugh without me! i cant wait to hear her.
scared to see if we made it in the movie! hahahaha

and the big picture class looks great.
love you.


You knit?!!!!!!


LOve the picture about Ivy. It so great when your kit is helping in the kitchen. I hope that the dinner was great. (because of the help you get).

I'm looking forward for the challenge.
Having a great weekend without boringness.

alex kemp

amen to the milo's on a cold afternoon! i'm sure we are going to have LOTS of those! rick and i just watched mick. brought back many a fond memory of our movie making endeavours together :)
the girls are looking gorgeous. rick just took harvey for an overnight camp and paige nad i had a girls night - it was fun.
we are settling and our last stash of stuff from home is here this week.
are you guys still thinking of doing a road trip up here?
think of you always
love alex

sheetal patel

mmm...i think i'll go fix myself a mug full of milo now! :)

great job in the kitchen ivy!!


Wouldn't that be a "mick-umentary"

Michelle Jacquemet

Ivy is such an amazing little girl. I hope I am blessed to have such a daughter when I decide to have kids.


LOVE those first giggles!!! One of my nieces has just started to giggle at 5 months and it's so adorable!! I've managed to get another 4 cards done too... here's the link: http://deckofme.blogspot.com/


I'm very excited about the got paint class!!


How funny!!! 'The Comebacks'? Hmm...doesn't sound top tier, but I bet in the end, it will be fun to see you all. My husband was in 'Lucas' as an extra (in his teens) and he always is so proud to point out his back to me. *lol*

Soup soothes the soul. I'm convinced it's the perfect food. It's so wonderful that Ivy loves to help. That is one amazing girl!!

And I'll start the letter writing campaign for Mick's follow up YouTube event. It was seriously funny AND good. Not too shabby!

Yay for Yindi laughing :) Love those milestones - I bet she was giggling at Sir Richard Attenborough ;)

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