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October 23, 2007


catherine feegel-erhardt

will be thinking positive thoughts for the safety of you and your family...and your scrapbooks

Danielle Melnyczenko

My thoughts are with you... oxox

News coverage is crap here, they just keep talking about the movie stars houses. I had to look it up online. World news my arse.

Keep safe


ohmygoodness! I didn't realize you had been evacuated too! I hope your place is okay - prayers are with you.


oh no emily! :( i am so sorry! i just saw tara at the dance studio this morning and we waved hello. i hope your home stays safe - i'm so glad you had somewhere safe and happy to retreat to. this whole situation is just unbelievable. ((((hugs))))


I can't believe how that must feel! So glad you took precious photos with you.... Fingers crossed the fire will be under control soon.


thank goodness!!! I have been fretting about you guys!
How scary but you have all the most precious things with you :) and how wonderful to have a friend like Tara
P.S. It arrived, need to show you a photo of my pimped out baby HaHA

Rachel Whetzel

Mom and I were just talking about you being near the fires... so glad to hear that you are OK, and with friends who love you. Keep optimistic! No matter WHAT.

Debbie - NZ

You are in our thoughts and prayers and just hope that your home will be okay - so glad that you got out okay

kim henkel

just heard on tv...they lifted the evacuation on your area. thinking of u. happy b-day tara!


Hope everything is okay! I'll be praying for you and all of the families dealing with the fires! At least you have a safe place and a good friend to be with!


Oh my, I never realized you lived in that area! Saw so much about it on tv... Hope everything turns out ok, and I'm so glad you stay with a good friend!!
Happy birthday Tara!!!


Oh no, I'm so sorry you guys are going through that. I'm glad you have a close friend to stay with. My thoughts are with your family!


Take care my sweeties - our love, prayers & thoughts are with you....hugs to Tara for being such a wonderful friend....keep us posted on news updates...xxxxxx


I HAD been wondering. Crossing my fingers for your home to stay safe.

sheetal patel

keeping you and your home in my thoughts! glad you have someone like tara to stay with as i imagine there are others without that kind of support

Anna-Marie Still

Wow - I didn't know you were so close to that - Isn't it amazing how our children see the good in crisis situations?

Take care and we are praying for you & your home to stay safe.

Donna Webb

the only thing we are hearing about in Oz about the fires is the movie stars- last night they said they declared it a state of emergency, but i didnt realise how big the fires were! WOW! Hope you and your family remain safe- in the end thats all that counts :)


So glad to hear you are all safe. Thanks for posting this update in the midst of all you are going through! Will keep you in my prayers.


my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
i think that your art card for this week really hit home. you have to be grateful for family, and good friends. kudos to tara!! what a awesome girlfriend you've got!
stay safe!


dang, i didn't realize y'all had to evacuate as well.

prayers that all will be well when you go home...keep us posted, cuz you know how we worry!

Val from Down Under

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who have been touched by the fires, be they families or firemen. God bless you all.

Kim Beer

Oh Emily... my thoughts are with you. I went through a similar experience here in Canberra in Jan 2003. We were evacuated, with fire surrounding our home. I took my albums, shoes and all my underwear?? totally thinking the house would be gone. I too sought refuge with a dear friend (bless the Tara's of the world). My (other)guardian angel must have been taking care of us thoug, as we returned the morning after the firestorm to find our home (a little singed) but still standing. Many others in our beautiful city were not so lucky. My prayers are with you. kx


Well I'm glad to hear your safe, hopefully the fires stay away from your house. How scary. hugs


OMG, Em! I had no idea you were near the fires. My geography of America is not great.


I also didn't know that it was so close to you....it's every time on the news here too...Also my thoughts and prayers are with you !!....love Dani and family x

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