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October 31, 2007



...how beautiful; I love trees too! Those fallen autumn leaves look just wonderful to scrunch through - even nicer in cute spotty welly boots !!


ooh it looks so beautiful! love the boots and treasures, K is VERY impressed with The Micks tree climbing skills but it freaks me out a little ;)

Ashley M

The trees do look gorgeous right about now. I can't seem to avoid taking an unnecessary amount of pictures of trees lately. ^_^

Lindsey Trego

Love, love, love the photos!

Jamie K

is that Mick in the tree?!?!
he blends in so well...i thought it was just the branches, but you can barely make out a face in there somewhere.


Awesome! I love hugging trees. Love the climbing shot. Wow!! that is taking hugging to a new level.


I love trees too. :)
The picture of Ivys boots ( I guess it is hers, or is it yours?.... ;) in the leaves.
Beautyful colors. :)




beautiful photos!

Emine Pala

gorgeous pics again emily ;)




thanks for this. I love trees too. *off to go hug one*

Tanya Ellis

We love trees too!!
My little Jamie was looking at your pictures with me and when he saw all the leaves he got so excited saying.. " Ooohhh mummy! Look at all those beautiful crunchy leaves. I can jump in all those leaves..so much fun mummy".
Thank you for sharing.
{hugs} for the trees.


loive these
come home thsi instant.


THose are so beautiful! So magical. My little girls liked looking at the photos with me too. Kendyl wants us to have a bunch of leaves fall like that to jump in. Our trees are still too young, but we're patient. :) Hope you had a great Halloween. Loved your pic of the girls below. Very spooky!


Love these great photos - and I also love trees. Have a nice weekend.

robin stedem

hey...you know your're becoming quite a photographer..a little tara rubbing off on you..these are all really good!!!!! thanks for sharing

Lusi Austin

Oh such GORGEOUS photos em! thanks for sharing them with us!
love lus x

Rachel Greig

Love the pics Em!


Beautiful---what were you shooting with?

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