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October 16, 2007


Karalyn B

haha...the video is cute - love ivy at the end! :)

Mel Nunn

Love it... Especially when mick indicates that Ivy will take over half of DH's house! Tell him its more like its 80%!!!!

Totally made my day :o)


Oh I wish I could see. We're on dial up. Can never figure out how to get these to play.


hahaha!!!! I love "the primal position" tooooooooo funny...WTG DH!!!!

Danielle Melnyczenko

That was fricken HILARIOUS!!!!
Loved the accent, quite believable. Laughed so hard when he said "stichery". All the rumaging in the primal squat position to dig for favourites to help the juices flow... hahahahaha!!!! DH you ROCK, thats such an awesome space and a steal to create. i love Opshops and go regularly. Your blue bookcase is to die for and I loved all the plants, i wish i had a greener thumb. Ivy was a perfect little performer and I love the way DH resembled her crafty-ness and grown to something like the roman army :P
This is our place... we're just renting it though. http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&id=104354433&f=0&p=10&t=res&ty=&fmt=&header=&c=13751516&s=nsw&snf=rbs&tm=1192013501
Ill have to post new pics of my office as the old ones dont do it justice. Live life and go.


Now that was cool!! Even my film major son came over to see what I was watching and was cracking up!!

Love that the "little one will someday take over some DH's home with her scrapooking habitat" LOL!


ha, too funny!!! well done mick "splendid" job, can't wait to show dave!!! loved it, you guys crack me up xx


so so funny!!!!! loved the last few lines about Ivy. lol


Award winning performance. 5 stars *****! That is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time....you're a lucky girl Emily, to have such a fun person to be with!


What a classic. Some awesome storage ideas too. Thanks.

lene s

Award winning for sure! LOL He is freakin hilarious! Loved seeing your place and Ivy there at the end. So sweet!



This is fantastic & gave me a really good chuckle over my morning tea!!!

SANDRA de Boulogne


SANDRA de Boulogne

Your DH did is an excellent reporter. TFS !

Elle Pollard

That was soooo funny.
my DH wondered what was going on, think I'll have to download it onto a dvd for him and wrap it up for Christmas as been trying to explain why I need a scrap area LOL
Thanks Mick - what a star !!
And Ivy, loving your work !

Pam Hall

So pleased to see that Mike has retained his flair for Drama...Keep up the good work.
Director, Hall Shakespearian Company!

jill s

oh my goodness. i SOOOOOOO needed a good laugh to start off my day. i'm forcing DH (haha!) to watch this after work...

that was wonderful.


Amber Smith

That was the funniest thing I've ever seen! I loved it, shouldn't watch it at work!


cant stop smiling and laughing to myself whilst remembering DH's performance. classic. my other half was also wondering what was going on, so i had to show him your amazing space and ideas. we are renovating a new apartment at the end of the year and now he see's that it's normal to have as much stuff as me. as calling my fiance a DH, he won't be up for it, he would prefer, SW, scrapbooking widower!!!

thanks for the entertainment and a small peak into your home. what an awesome, awesome family you are!!!


OH MY GOD, my stomach, my poor stomach, it hurts so much.......make him stop!!!
Seriously I think I have peed my pants!!

I so needed a laugh right now, thank you so much for posting this (and dam the crappy quality of You Tube)


Oh my goodness, that is HILARIOUS. Absolutely made my morning. I can't wait for my DH to come home so he can see this. And, I'll probably tell the ladies at work so they can run home and watch too. (That's what happens when you work at a scrapbook store) Brilliant!

Robyn S.

Standing ovation from the east coast. Fabulous - I will be looking for Mick on an upcoming episode of Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton. Robyn S.


HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I laughed so much!! AWESOME job DH :) Ivy was soooooo ADORABLE scrapbooking away. Thanks for making my morning!

A.K.A. Funky Nail Lady from RAHS

jennifer davis

Oh my goodness! What a performance, I too cannot stop smiling! Totally made my day, you are so blessed with that family of yours!! =)

Big smiles to you today!



That was so HILARIOUS.. tears running down my face from laughter....
DH is FANTASTIC!!.. will have to show my DH in the morning!!.. he will get a kick out of it!!!


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