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October 16, 2007


Pam Scroggin

Awesome! Your DH is a hoot.

Heather Wilson

that was Great!!! lol.


That is too funny! I was laughing because your man did such an awesome job, and he did it almost straight-faced throughout! Your studio is fabulous and so is your art. I'm a big fan since I first saw you in some scrapbook mags and Autumn Leaves books. You're super talented! I also have a bit of that collagy-eclectic style, although I can't hold a candle to you! Thanks for inspiring! best, d.


that was toooooo good!!!


fabulously funny! luv your space and it's great proof that you can scrap anywhere!


HILARIOUS!! that was great, kept waiting for him to start laughing! thanks for the laugh!


Oh Man Em!! I just about peed my pants, good thing it's early and no-one else is in the office just yet!! I just about died when he went into the kitchen and was talking about the paint brushes... hahaha, oh man... seriously, laughing to myself in my office... it will be a good day for sure.
Oh and it's nice to see what you can do in a small apartment, I am in a small apartment as well and just barely finished fixing up a scrapbook space, not as "nice" looking as yours, a little more hodge-podge, but a space none-the-less, your "DH" is so talented!!

Carolyn (Susi)

DH did an Awesome job on this video. Too Funny!!

Carolyn (Susi)

DH did an Awesome job on this video. Too Funny!!

Judy in Carefree

Thanks for sharing. I loved it!


I can't stop laughing!
Holy cow...he is SO FUNNY!
Mick has missed his calling as a TV HOST!!!

Kelly Buck

Seriously, that was freaking hilarious! How did you manage to keep quiet while filming that?! Too funny, thanks for sharing!




This is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!

Ashley Schultz

Awesome! Your DH did a great job. Loved seeing your space.


teeheee that cracks me up..


Brilliant. Words escape me. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Em- was that your LA space or your new San Diego space?

Thanks for sharing!


OMG! that is so so so funny! thanks for the laugh!


oh, and i forgot to say, it's hilarious how much he knows! all the terms, adhesive, rubons, etc.

Anna-Marie Still

That is the best! Can't wait to have my dh watch it when he comes home! Love you guys!

When does Scrapbaby make her debut?? You'll have to make a sequal!

Molly B. from AL

ThAT was the BEST thing I have EVER seen on youtube BAr NONE! Loved it! LLLLOvE Ivy in it...and your "dh" was HILIARIOUS! PERFECT...and you are so organized...and recyle-y! Right on, 'em - we love ya'...


annie bellamy

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!! He got it all SO right!

Annie Bellamy


I started laughing 5 seconds in! This was hilarious and your DH does a great David Attenborough!


i freaking LOVE that term!!
you have QUITE the hilarious "dh"!!


oh didn't this get me into some strife when i started watching it a 5 a.m. this morning.
i laughed so loud that DH and one of the kidlets wandered out to see what was so funny.
just classic em and what a doll is mick to play along....loved ivy's starring role.
well done to you all....it has certainly tickled my funny bone
take care guys xxoo

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