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October 16, 2007


catherine feegel-erhardt

God! THAT is still so funny!


LMBO!!!!!! Okay, seriously, he's really, really good!!! I'm impressed - that is not an easy impersonation to do :) Wow...perhaps his next installment should be 'Wild Ivy' ;)


Can't stop laughing!! Cracked me up! Just showed hubby and he was also in stitches... (or should I say stitchery!). Thanks for letting us show our hubby's how absolutely normal it is to be obsessed by this hobby of ours! Well done DH! You deserve a medal (or an EMMY)!

Tanya Ellis

Emily I laughed so hard!!
I'm really impressed with DH knowing what most of your scrap stuff was used for. I cracked up over the remark he made about Ivy being harmless right now but when she grows up she'll take over the other half of DH's house.. LOL!!
This is classic!!
DH makes a great David Attenborough too!!


Bravo! That is too funny! I especially like his warning regarding "the young," at the end. :D


okay, so that's absolulty hilarious!




EXTREMELY clever! Loved it!


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