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October 16, 2007


robin stedem

em..he is just too cute..seriously..and little miss ivy just going to town with her works of art..love watching her grow up. This was fun!!! thanks


This made my day!

What a riot.


laughing.. it helps that he had an aussie accent to begin with huh...LOL great job mick!


OMG! I was laughing soooo hard throughout the whole thing! You're husband's soo funny to be doing this "production." I kept trying to imagine what my husband would say about my "habitat" LOL! I knew I was a scrapbooker but after seeing this and realizing your place and characteristics were the same as mine...i'm really convinced! Wait until my "DH" sees this! He'll think it's too funny....i think all husbands can identify...cute!


ps...Ivy's little spot and her creations just inspired me to make a space for my lil son to work along with me. I'm thinking I can supply him with my paints, scraps, cardstock, etc. for him and even make some blank mini books and let him create with copies of pics of us that he can use...thanks!


Totally fun to watch! How did you not crack up laughing when you were filming??

Jessica Lothian

Too funny! The voice was spot on. I was impressed at how well he actually knew his way around your 'habitat' as well! My DH would have no idea where any of my things were kept.



WOW!! Im impressed at how much your "DH" knows!!!
That was hilarious!!
Thanks for the great entertainment!!!!
Xx Jess

Michelle DeGaetano

Full belly laughter!! Followed up with a cheek ache!!! Awesome, just awesome!

Thanks for sharing,


that is hysterical, emily! love it! :D


Seriously the cutest thing ever and the DH did it so seriously w/o laughing. Too cute!


Can I say that I was actually listening and trying to get pointers on organization? What a great scrap space! And adorable video, of course!

catherine feegel-erhardt

i loved that video! that was so funny!
i so so so needed that L A U G H T E R !!!
thank you for that! I love your DH! what a great sport! How did you not crack up filming that...oh, thank you for the cheer up!

Mary Duffek


Amy Tangerine

capn, buster, bamboo and i just watched this- too funny. now all you have to do is make another one of the new place!


What a hoot! Your dh was fabulous and I enjoyed seeing your space. Thanks for sharing:).

Megan Spinks

This is hilarious. Love that your hubby knows all the names of the products and stuff. My hubby wouldn't have a clue.
Love your space too.

Jennifer Priest

OMG that is sooo hilarious and right on the money!!


scrapbooking has never made me laugh so hard!!! you have a great husband! lovin' ivy's work!

Lusi Austin

Em I was crying when you showed this at Kiwi - i love the bit when Mick refers to himself as the "dh"! LOL! Still cracking up this time!!!!!
You guys rock :)
Love Lus x

Tash Allen

oh my gosh... that is sooo so funny. go DH!!! PMSL!!! but seriously a lovely look into your space and some great storage ideas there! :)


hey Em

oh mick aka DH is just too funny...how did you stop yourself from laughing while you were filming???
glad to see you guys r still having fun...where was the really little srapbooker in all this??? was Yindi sleeping?

have a great day


that was classic!!!!!! :) loved it!

Jaime Young

LOL!! Loved it!

Janelle in MT

em that was wonderful! i loved hearing that deep australian accent! truely a favorite of mine!

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