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October 16, 2007



What a wonderful Hubby... tears running down my cheeks.. Love your space xx


Wonderful, I am laughting and folded double. Great DH.

Lisa Russell

Very nice!! I think the "scrapbooker's dh" may have a new career in film very soon! Thanks for sharing!! I loved it!

Michelle OKeefe

Fabulous and fun ! He has a 2nd career option if he ever needs one.
What a great sense of humor, loved it.

Jenny M

Oh my godness! That was the funniest video i´ve seen in a long time! Hilarious!!! And what a beautiful scrapspace. :)

Way to go DH! :D

Terrie Farrell

So good, love the warning at the end. DH does sound more like John Cleese though than Richard Attenborough!!!!


can you please have Mick call me....just for a chat....i could listen to him for hours!!!!
love it!!!

Dana Miron (danahollis)

Your video is so neat!

I love that your DH had the mannerisms down so well! He was in perfect character.

I really enjoyed this!



that is the cutest thing i have seen in awhile.
love how at one point you can hear your laugh.
just so wonderful!
thanks for sharing.


O'm'gosh...I'm still laughing. Your "DH" is very wise and totally charming - love your scrapbooking 'habitat'!


agreeing with the sell out down under!


Great Job! Thanks for the laugh. Loved the "dh" references, especially at the end.

Boy we gotta love those DH's for all the craft things they put up with.


A lurjer too, but had to post. When are we going to see your DH on the big screen? He was hilarious! But tell him that it's not a scrapbooker's habitat, it's a scrapitat, hee hee.


I loved that sooooo much. I will have to show my DH that so that he doesn't feel on his own. That there are indeed other DH species cohabiting with the Scrapper species and that they too take over half the living space. hehe......

Anna M-W

OMG! Em, I am totally pissing my pants! How funny!


Absolutely Fabulous !!!!


omg, still lmao!!!
What a great supporive guy! Thanks for the glimse into such an amesome artist's world!

Lynn Warner

Was on vacation and hadn't hit your blog in a week and fell over laughing at this great "mockumentary." You are TOO cool.

Bek Geach

I have been patiently waiting, waiting and waiting for this.

SO WORTH the wait.
Still wish I had of stuck around to see at KiwiScraps in Sydney, but dinner with my sister was pretty special too.

This is just so fabulous Ems... your Mick sure is one funnnneeee guy!

Even my DH thought it was funny!


That is sooo funny and cute! I can't stop chuckling to myself! How wonderful to have such a supportive DH!

sarah heroman

oh heavens that was delightful!!!!

Angela U.

I love it!!!! So hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh. BTW, your space is just right. I'm a rummager myself :)

Chris Mott

OMg this is hilarious. I love the ending..watch out this little one will grow up and take over half of DH home...Thanks for this wonderful RARE footage...Very cool Chris

Solfrid Sørensen

This was the best!!! Ever!!!!:D
It was so funny to see how serious he was, and VERY interesting to see all your clever ways to store stash... :D


This was soooo funny, Mick does an ace impression of the Attenborough!!Laughed my guts up at the scrapbookers droppings bit! he he!!

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