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November 13, 2007



so beautiful. it's funny; i have recently come to the very same realization about myself. it's a good place to be, isn't it?


So glad you are feeling a bit better, hun. Not pleasant, I don't know how on earth you cope looking after poorly girls when you are sick yourself! I have been sick for 7 weeks now & finally got antibiotics, they make me feel very strange & a bit rough but at least its positive!! I'll get the card done later today as its back to work this morning!


Great that you are feeling better again.
Beautiful card as allways!... and a great promt!

Bek Geach

I hope you are feeling much better tomorrow when you look at all the cards you inspire :)

Your card is GORGEOUS Em... I think this may well be my favourite or at least the top 5 :) Oh heck I love them all!

Thanks for (as always) another great prompt.


Em-life is full of those 'hit me over the head' moments!! It is the journey that is our destination...

Danielle Melnyczenko

Brilliant prompt yet again, can't wait till tomorrow when I'll get a chance to pour my emotions onto a really tiny playing card :P

I will post this weeks and last weeks card on my blog in about 12 hrs... i should be in bed now its late. I've been busy painting.. check it out on my blog to see an update on all my opshop finds and restorations.



oh my! I could have written the second paragraph. It's a good place to be - no matter how LONG it might take to get here!
I'm going to do this prompt, thank you.


Im back with my card & a closer look at yours. Even sick, you managed to create effortlessly. Fabulous prompt.



Great prompt. It got me thinking, and you are so right! Thanks for sharing.

My take on this weeks prompt and several others (still 10 weeks behind) is over here:



So glad to see you back Emily!! Love this card, mine's done and you can find it on my blog!


Great card you make, nice to hear that you are feeling better. take the time to recover.


It's so nice to see you with us and in better health! Thank you for another inspiring prompt! My card for week 45 and week 16 is on my blog, here:

Take care Dear! Kisses from Poland!


I remember exactly those feelings when my babies were that age, you described it perfectly. It is such a blissful time isn't it!


gorgeous card
love the prompt...
i'm almost caught up with the challenges again...
the move set me back big time!!

now to think of what i want to express on this week's card....


Bethany Engstrom

Great card this week! Here's mine:
P.S. Thanks to all of you who check out my card every week! :)


Love your card Em! Hope you are doing better now and you are not sick anymore!

Here is my card:

I can't believe the year is almost over- I love this so much.


Love your card Emily! Also a wonderful prompt for this week. Hope your feeling much better today.


So glad you're feeling beter Em!!
You can find my card here: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com
And now off to see what the other girls made!!


Here's mine for this week, hope you're feeling better Emily :)


Here's mine for this week, hope you're feeling better Emily :)


Although I've not kept up with my weekly cards,(only got 6 or 7 done, eek), I've been recording your weekly themes so I can eventually do a whole year. 2007 has not been a kind one to me emotionally so I'm hoping 2008 I will get this done. Pretty please, when you are feeling better can you post one for week 43, or tell me where it is coz I can't find one. I love popping in to visit your blog, you are so inspirational.


Hope you and the girls are feeling better now Emily.
I love your card as usual, its fab!

This is mine..



Here are mine for the last 3 weeks. I just love to play catch up after a nice long vacation ha, ha. Love your card for this week. It is beautiful...


So glad you are feeling better Em. Keep giving that lovely girl all of that beautiful breastmilk and take care of yourself as well.

I have nearly caught up on all the past challenges! I plan to do the rest in th next couple of days. Thank you so much for this, I am really enjoying it!



I have posted nmy version of this prompt, off to take a look at some other cards now!!
Hope you are all feeling better, we have all come back from Florida with thrioat infections made worse by the jet lag.

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