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November 26, 2007



ah its lovely. the beach is our 'get back to whats important' place :)


great prompt! can't wait to feel happy just by looking to everybody else's happy places :-)!


Gorgeous card. Very tranquil.
Im quick off the mark today, woke up itching to craft!

Roni Hunt

ahhhh...the beach...something so soothing about that sound of water washing up on the shore, then rushing back into the sea...great prompt! have a great week!


Beautiful Em
I hope you are going to continue this wonderful art card inspiration next year as I would love to do it!
Love to you all


I completely agree Em. It's one of my happy places too. My mind is tinkering on a few different places. I'm happy to be in a crafty mood again now that all my sewing projects are done. :) In fact I made week 30's card for "not anymore" yesterday.
I had skipped that one for when I could put some time into it.

I love your thankful notebook. It's so funny because Seth and I made one a little while back after hearing Elder Eyring's talk during conference. We keep it by our bed and it's fun to walk in and see him writing in it things he's thankful for or experiences that day that made him feel blessed and it's wonderful to share my words with him and him share his with me. We have a tab near the back that we write down fun and silly and sweet things our girls do so we can remember them better as well. I can't tell you what a difference it's made in helping me to feel blessed instead of unhappy for what I don't have.


Great prompt Emily! Mine's done, and on my blog!

I wonder what you are gonna come up with for next year... can't imagine coming up with a new prompt every week, let alone for another year LOL


now I am back up to date I am determined to have a bit of me time on a monday to complete the challenge can't believe we only have five left


Hi Emily...

Here is my card for this week. Loved this prompt...I knew exactly what I wanted to fo right away.




you have been tagged... LOVE the card this week, and a good topic too. I love that clip! I have always wished I lived near a "real" beach... I say "real" like that because I grew up in Alaska and we had a cabin on a "beach" but it was glacier fed water and rocks, not sand... but it truly was divine just the same! wish I still lived there... someday...


I am it once with your that the sea gives feeling of rest. I am enraged on sea especially the Atlantic ocean with the coast of France because the coast of holland is dirty. (no clear water).


I am a bit behind but will post my latest card here. Congratulations on the Creative Keepsakes adventure. I love the magazine paper crafts.


Lovely card! Managed to make 3 today. They are here: http://wolkenkoenigin.blogspot.com/2007/11/hurry-hurry.html


I'm a bit bihind on this now.. but Hey, your card i soo great!
Gonna come back and show you my happy place soon.


i'm behind too - but I made the beginnigs of a grateful journal today and it was SO FUN! Thank you, Em, for the idea and for ALL the inspiring and uplifting posts!

What would any of us do without you? :)



Emily, I have loved this card challenge this year. Thank you for doing it. It's been fun to follow your life through relocations, new baby, career successes, etc. Congrats on CK Team!! I have no place to showcase my cards, but if you ever come to AZ to teach again I can show you. Every week I print out your prompt and sample card and it's in a notebook I keep for inspiration. Going back--I noticed there is NO sample card for weeks 24 and 25--could you please make one for those weeks and post? Pretty, pretty please with a RAK on top? I know you were busy those weeks and I loved that you had friends and Ali fill in, but there are 2 weeks without a sample card...my collection of your works isn't complete without these. Please? Thx.


I've been behind.
I now have the last 3 up and the container I'm using to keep them in.

jennifer davis

YAY! I'm back in it again...had some photo storage issues, but I'm happy to say that I'm here and posting! =)

Here is this week's card:

I hope to go back and finish up the past several ones that I've missed along the way. Can't believe that it's almost over! Sniff..sniff....


my happy place is the same as yours ... i guess we have so many cool beaches in australia! how could it not be your happy place?????
enjoy your week
luv c


I love that clip, where did you get it?

Bethany Engstrom

Wow as always! Got caught up on last week's and got this week's done too! Thanks for looking!



Here's mine for this week http://good4thesoul.blogspot.com/, love your card Emily the photo is simply beautiful :)


Congratulations on CK Em - so cool - I love that you and your amazing style is added to the magazine.

Here are my cards for last and this week:


Here are my most recent 2. Love the beach photo, so serene.



I haven't got to 46 or 47 but I JUST finished & posted my Week 45 card. Hope you guys like it. Here's the link...
Hope you are all having a good week so far.


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