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November 22, 2007


Deb Godley

Gorgeous Em...Such an awesome idea!!


Emily! You are such a good person, you know that? It's evident in every post you make. Thank you for sharing your album, it's wonderful! I completely feel the need to make one too - yours is so inspiring.
xo, tonya


Wow I love your gratitude album - what a brilliant idea. I already keep a gratitude journal but I love the idea of this that I am going to make one and single out one thing from my journal for each day :-)Fantastic!!

Lusi Austin

i'm going to try and join you in this Em - I LOVE this idea! I've had so many thankful journals before but not one like this that you write in every single day for a year. Love it mate!
Lus x

jamie k

what a great idea! it's a good way to use up those scrap pieces of paper!


I love this! I'm going to make one for me AFTER I make some to give to friends as gifts this holiday season! Excellent idea Emily!

margie Romney

Great idea...i love it...i am inspired and am going to make one! My first thing i will list in my grateful journal...YOU...i love you dear friend!
kiss kiss


Gorgeous journal, Em. Would love to see it this time next year.


gorgeous album em....i am so bound up in problems and hassles and negativity at the moment that this album just might save my sanity - a wonderful idea from a wonderful lady.
thanks for your generosity in sharing your creativity and your kind and gentle soul xxoo


Hey EM! This is super cool! Earlier this month, I had started a Thankful Journey on my blog - everyday you write something to be Thankful for through the end of the month! So, I guess this puts me 1 step, well month ahead of the game!!! CONGRATS on the new CK team! Can't wait to see you again when you come to RAHS in Mass!

Susan Gilman

Hi Emily. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....and know there are so many of us who include YOUR in our "we are thankful for..." lists. Thanks for sharing yet another inspiring project...I am THANKFUL for a project I can get started on with my current STASH and not need to run out to buy more (I need for naught!)....thank you thank you. I want to start NOW and make a few of these for gifts -- great way to start the New Year GRATEFULLY! (oooh....I think I will add that to the gift tag!)


WOW what a beautiful and creativ book!!!!
I'm saving it under my favorites and "copy" it later ;-)


and how fitting that it
begin today!!

hope your thanksgiving was


Wonderful journal!
I created a link to this post on my blog...
I love it!

Thanks for sharing,


Adorable, Em.

I want to make one. Think i will!


Terrific idea Emily! I have been with you all year on the Deck of Me project and welcome another one of your fabby ideas. Oh and well done on your CK appointment.


This is such a good idea Emily,I think we tend to fous so much on the negative things in life and not enough on the good. gonna decorate my journal tomorrow.All excited wanna get started now but I've been warned to have an early night, been sick the last week with shingles and the doc said I'm run down (can't see how) but have been trying to get more rest. So No1 on the list for tmorrow is to decorate the journal!!!!!!


Emily, I´m in love with each and every one of your journals and mini books and this is really fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!


Oh, now THAT is clever. I must share this with my friends!

tara pollard pakosta

i just LOVE THIS!!!!!
you inspired me before when you made a similar one for the garden and again now!i just adore your work!!!! just delightfuL! thanks for always inspiring!


that is very cool!


finally catch up with my altered journal and you inspire me to do something else



What a fabulous idea! I love it!


this is AWESOME.
i was asked to teach a gratitude journal for our entire YW's group at church the first week of January.
this is PERFECT!
humph, now to come up with 52 tags PER girl!
wow...love this idea!
sam c.


Love your Grateful Journal Emily, very inspiring ... I feel the need to make one myself. :)

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