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December 30, 2007


Danielle Q

And... I've caught up! Well, until now ;) I'm so looking forward to doing this last one today and having done the whole 52 within the year! Even if more than half of them were in the last two weeks, LOL.

They are on my blog:


Thanks for the awesome challenges Em. Inspired by you.

Carol Weimer

Wow, what a beautiful site. I just found your blog. I am so bummed that I didn't get in on the fun. I will look back at the archive and see if I can start something new in 2008. I'm adding you to my favorites. Thanks for the inspiration.


just wanted to say that i have loved this challenge so much this year. thank you for devoting all the time and energy into this fantastic journey. i have this fantasitc box full of bits and pieces of me and it is such a gift.

can't wait to post the six or so cards that i haven't shared yet and do the last challenge ART...

funny, in my last card i wrote over and over..."i wish i was an artist." i will have to play with that theme.

on that note, i signed up for your GOT PAINT class. i can not wait to be inspired by you.

happy new year and again-thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. you seem like such an authentic soul and it is so refreshing.


I CANNOT BELIEVE we are at the last prompt, that I have acually stuck with it & completed (after I complete this week's card) the challenge! Thank You SOO MUCH Emily for hosting this great challenge. It has indeed been a challenge at some points (I got VERY behind at one point) but it has been well worth it. Thanks again to you & all the other participants. I haven't done this week's card (my mind is brewing up ideas though) but here is the post to my Week 48, 50 & 51 cards (YES, I CAUGHT UP!). I hope you like them and hope all of you have a WONDERFUL & HAPPY New Year.

Take Care & GB Hugs,

Roni Hunt

WOW!! 52 cards...weeks...I've not done many of these on the actual cards...I've done most of them virtually in my little brain! But I've had as much fun as if I did them all in person (so to speak). Thanks for all the inspiration, thoughts, ideas, and just a great year. I'm going to sign up for the class and can't wait to see what's in store for 2008!!!
hugs and kisses!


WOW! Finished! I have just done my week 52 card and added it to the other 51 I have completed since I jumped onboard at week 42.

I have so enjoyed this and it has taken me way outside my comfort zone.

Emily, thank you so much. I can't wait to see the next challenge.



Thanks so much for hosting this challenge on your blog. I did not play along this year but plan to start in 2008.


thank you emily for this challenge, i have enjoyed doing all 52 weeks ... and love looking at my box with all my little cards in there!
all the best for 2008
my final two cards are here ....


Just wanted to wish you, Mick, Ivy and Yindy the very best for 2008 Em! You continue to inspire me :)


Just wanted to wish you, Mick, Ivy and Yindi the very best for 2008 Em! You continue to inspire me :)

Laura Reaux

Love this card. I just found your blog in the past week. I kind of knew who you were because I've seen you on other people's blogs... you seem like such a cool person. :) I'm thrilled to join in on whatever you're going to do for 2008! The 52 card project was such an awesome idea.

Rachel Whetzel

THANK YOU!!!! I've posted my complete pile, and I'm linking to all my Deck of ME posts, There are Three new posts at the top. Thank you so much for being YOU.


Here's my final card. I soooo love the end result.


You inspired me, made me think about prompts I would normally not think about, learned me a great deal of cool techniques, so thanks a lot! Loved it, every minute. I think this challenge pushed me in a complete new direction, art-wise.

I'll keep on reading your blog in the next year, challenge or no challenge.

I wish you the best!


finished can't believe i have done it thanks so much for all the inspiration Em you can see the last few propmts and all the cards together on my blog I am keeping them on a two in book ring which will be displayed on my craft desk



I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy new year!

this challenge has been so much fun! and hard, since I actually have 11 cards that are not finished yet.... and I don't think I have the time to do it today, so my deck will spill over to next year (I started working again in September after 5 years at home and it hasn't been good for my scrapping..)

Can't wait to see what you have in plans for next year!!
love from Sweden


I can't believe how fast those 52 weeks have flown. When I decided to join in i thought I'd never stick it out, 52 weeks sounds so long but I have enjoyed every single Monday morning logging in to find my first creativity of the week in your prompts. I look at them all together here & feel very proud & I hope everyone else does too. I sincerely hope we can all do something together again next year.
Gorgeous card as ever Em, fabulous last prompt.
Here is mine.


thaaaanks for all the inspiration, em!! loved this project and looking forward to 2008. wishing you and your family all the best! will see you in your online class! here is my last card and a pic of the whole lot!


Happy New Year, Em!!! Here are some more cards: #52, 14, 8, 15, 40, 51 plus a few that were originally on Two Peas' gallery before I became a real blogger (#22, 25, 19). I have just 12 more to finish from the first of the year. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I love looking through my big stack of cards! I can't wait to do your paint class.


Here are my last two cards for the challenge. I had such a great time doing this! Thanks so much for taking all of us along on the journey!




First things first :) I caught up all prompts! It's unbelievable! One part is here:
I post rest of them later!

And it's unbelievable that this is end of year, and end of our challenge... Emily, thank you so much for you inspiration during this year! It was hard work to have ideas about prompts and to do all these cards for you and for us.. You helped us to open our minds and extend our horizons and create our little community and make new friends...
I will add rest of my cards later and I will kink to them here. For now - Thanks a lot Emily, and all girls - thank you for inspiring me for this whole year! Watching your works was something special for me! I hope that in 2008 year we will make some other challenge together!
Send you all my hugs and kisses! Girls rulez :))))
Have a nice New Years Eve and great 2008 year!


Okay, so I had good intentions! I only made it through half the year and don't know what happened - I let life get in the way! Congrats to everyone who lasted! I am hoping to try again in '08 - Happy Happy New Year to you Emily and to everyone!

Deb Godley

oooooohhhhh Em thank you sooooo much!!! I have had a ball doing this with you. I love how it turned out..love that you have united so many people across the world..love it love it love it!! Thank you so much. My last card,( and the last 2 im a bit slow putting up) and my cards' new home are all posted here:
..thanks so much again..xxoo Happy new Year!!


It has been very fun and interesting! I still have 4 or so cards to finish, and looking forward to a complete set of ART cards! Signed up for your "Got Paint" online class. So excited! Thanks for all this, em! Happy Holidays!

Trude Julie

Wow, it's already week 52? It's amazing. And you card is wonderful.
After a few weeks of laziness I've finally caught up again http://parentesfantomet.blogspot.com/2008/01/deck-of-me-all-caught-up-again.html
Happy new year to you and your family Emily, and to all the other "Deck-of-me"-girls


I actually completed the final, Week 52 card AND did it BEFORE the end of the year! So, here it is...
Hope you guys like it.

Even more so, Em Thank You SOO Much for hosting this great experience for all of us! I hope you, Mick & the girls have a GREAT 2008!

Thanks again.

Take Care,

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