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February 03, 2008


Lusi Austin

Congrats honey! Your work is always AMAZING!!!
Looks like an amazing book :)
Lus x


Congrats.. thats so awesome.


what a great project to be a part of.
your layout is looking quite fantastic as always. :)

jill s

i found this book on amazon! :)
i THINK i'm getting it for my birthday this month!

i can't wait to get it.


Fiona Karas

Hi Emily,
Was looking though a few craft blogs I like and got to your. I was blown away, do you know Chelsea Parson ? I live in Tas and used to be best friends with Sarah. I can't believe what a small world it is I saw a photo of you on chelsea's blog when you visited them and then I just end up on your site by mistake. What a small world, I like your idea and comments on how you always journel the nice things. I am a bit the same. My blog is http://natefeefamily.blogspot.com
only just learning the world of blogging, love looking around at others.




Congrats Em! That looks like a great book. I'll have to check it out! The paint class was awesome-hope you'll be putting together another one soon! Scrapbooking with Collage maybe? hint, hint!
Hope your trip was nice!
tootles, d.


congrats on the new pub!
here are my latest journal pages :)


awwww...must check out that book...what coolness!!
love that pic of mick and ivy.....such sweet sweet love!!


The books look great.
The funny part of this posting is it that my one word this year is balance. For my card last week i just already this word. I hope for everybody who's reading this blog their lives is in balance

XO Simone


i agree! Balance could fill several books.


Here's mine.


tena Sprenger

Hey em,
I just got my book I ordered from amazon in the mail.... this book is a beauty!Your art is lovely as always. tena


Hi Em,
just got my book and I absolutely love it, your pages in particular were so amazing. I am a survivor myself and I am blown away by your courage and strength in what you wrote.... when another abused child speaks out it sends a special light out to other survivors who were once silent, saying it is okay to be silent no longer, thank you for your pure strong special voice... which is what I am working on in myself...... :) much love

Me x


Congratulations - I'm thinking there is another book I am going to have to have :)

Sue McG

I bought this book over the holidays and was delighted to see your pages in it - you did a great job, and yes, it's so good to dig deep for those journal pages and explore the challenges and the hurts of life, overcoming them is a big part of who we are (but you know that already).


Oh dear me, another book ordered! This looks like a must have though, and it'll be arriving through my door tomorrow-can't wait.
Thought you might like to see my 'balance' here... http://divingforpearls.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/02/balance.html
bws and thanks x


my last two art journal pages are here ....


Hi there - have enjoyed this process so far and have even added paint to my latest word page! Thanks for this and hope you enjoyed your time with family.



I got my book today and it was glorious. Particularly enjoyed your work. Loved your divorce page in particular. I MUST LEARN TO SEW!

Julie K

It looks like I'm going to have to ask Borders to order this book so I can browse at my leisure kid free! I can't wait to see it.

Here's my balance page http://juliekittredge.blogspot.com/2008/02/art-journal-balance.html


Done it...at last!
Its in my gallery:)


All my pages so far are in the Flickr group pool. I made it to Balance tonight.


Here is my take on balance ....


I am in catch up mode after my health took a detour!


I don't believe it!!!
My fiance bought me this book for Christmas! Go to my blog and look at 3rd Feb 09's post- I wrote about how great this book is!! LOL!!!
I am reading it now- it is my bed book!!!
I've seen that page, and thought it was brilliant!! And now I just wander onto your blog without realising..... wow! :)

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