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February 10, 2008



beautiful page, have fun tomorrow!


Love this girl! Miss you. xoxo


Hey Em,
Enjoy CHA - If you see Melissa Kennedy from Kaiser, say hi!
Love your Emotion page


HeHe..well done on getting the flickr group sorted:)


I have some ideas for this one... but I want to play with some different materials this time. I just posted balance, commit, and word of choice.
enjoy http://love2bgreen.blogspot.com/
Thanks again for this challenge!
Sam :)


Hey Em! Just wanted you to know that I may not use the Jelly technique very much on my pages, but it sure works wonders on my poor dry heels up here in Alaska! Thanks for having it on the supply list, so now it is in my house! teehee Cheri


YaY! Done mine already! And uploaded and on flickr!!...mighty quick for me!


Excellent choice of graphic - I'm reading a book right now about Vermeer that talks extensively about this painting!


Hey thanks for not thinking I was a big dork running up to you at cha! so embarassing sometimes to get to meet awesome famous scrapbooking people like you, and I totally didn't even think that of course you'd have an accent!
Cute lil babe!


Hang in there! I know sometimes it's difficult to be away from home.

Donna Salazar

Hi Em,
It was great seeing you at CHA. I am in love with you wee little one... I wanted to sneak her home with me in my bag. If you are ever in South Orange County and need a sitter... just call on me!

Oh... and the video we shot last night should be on Leah's blog this weekend. Here is her blog http://leahfung.typepad.com

Hugs ~D~


here is my take on this weeks ....
enjoy your week
luv c

Rebecca Gawryl

Beautiful page! I was at CHA and I did see you walking past, but I didn't say "hi." I'm not sure how you handle all of that attention inside, but on the outside, you definitely handle it with grace!


Hi Em :)
My 'balance' and 'emotion' are now done and on my blog and in flickr.

Julie K

CHA sounds like a wonderful event. I hope i have the chance to attend someday!
my emotion page is found at http://juliekittredge.blogspot.com/2008/02/art-journal-emotion.html


I've been admiring you site for a while now-i love your use of red and the creative way you pull so many different elements together. Here's my take on "emotion."



I had no idea where I was going with this when I began and it comes across really sad, so just a note to say i am doing okay these days!!!


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