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February 17, 2008


Charlene Camilleri

Oooh I love the texture! Looking forward to this one, thanks for the inspiration.Best of luck with your baby!


Angie delarie

I like that Em
Looks good...


Beautiful page!

I finally got to posting my first 6 pages


Looking forward to making a page with this weeks word.
Good luck with the baby ;-)


oh this is awesome Em. I had so much fun at your paint class and tried out everything, but for several reasons have not gotten into the swing of things art journal wise. I hope I will be able to join soon. Love being inspired by your blog. Love, Sylvia

jill s

i am with you on the grumpy teething baby thing! emerson woke up every hour last night! i hope these babes can get back to their sweet self's soon!


jen davis

I love this, so wistful.


wow that is really beautiful! I just want to touch it!


I love that, very pretty.


I love that, very pretty.


I love that, very pretty.


i love that

Amy Castellano

it's my first time here! Hi!, your work is beautiful and so's that baby! Love your blog!

kim brimhall

i found you by googling lds blogs and scrapbook blogs! and i LOVE your blog!! you have such amazing work!! so inspiring!!

kimberly brimhall


love it! Thanks for posting that. I have that handmade white lacy paper and haven't a clue as to how to use it! looks beautiful on what would have been a minimalist page! p.s. you inspired one of my scrapbooking friends to join me in keeping an art journal in 2008. she just scraps her family, never herself. So I told her "Emily did this great ATC project last year...." and then I qualified it with "Emily Falconbridge" as if i really knew you! haha. they laughed at me. funny how you feel close to someone from reading their blog and obsessing over their spreads in books and magazines. :)


Hi Emily:

I'm such a big fan of your work and loved your new work in the new Art Journal book that is out. I decided to take another shot at keeping up with your art journal challenges and look forward to sharing art work with everyone. I have posted my first 6 pages to the flickr group.

Julie K

Here's my fly page!

Jennifer Martinovici

Awesome challenge. the first thign I thought of was how much I love fly in airplanes. So that's what my page is.


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