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February 06, 2008



Sweet picture of your girls! I'm glad you are all back safe and sound.
I am so excited cuz I finished my Paris Album and painted and played on every page! Take a peek http://www.pinktearoses.blogspot.com/


bwahaha...fun picture :-)


Hi! i tried to email you through BPS and here, but my computer won't let me, so I'm writing here. Just wanted to let you know how much fun i had w/ your class...looking at your gallery feels like coming home...i can get all bogged down looking at other people's work, thinking about all the products i don't have, all the money i don't have, all the time i don't have...and then i come back to your philosophy, and it feels so good to know i can MAKE gorgeous, meaningful stuff all by myself!!!! i'm cutting myself off from all those depressing links and sticking with you, girl!!!! Thanks for sharing your art with all of us!
-an admiring blog stalker,

Leah Zahn

It's about a bazillion below and we're in the middle of a huge snowstorm in Illinois right now! The fact that your girls can be dressed how they are right now cracks me up! I wonder if I'll ever see summer again!!!


What a great picture! And look at those rolls on Yindi. I just love it!

Jodi Mann

LOL - That cracks me up Emily, so glad you arrived home safe and sound. Had an awesome time doing your class and yes it has been a bit hot in Oz.




Look at those tuckered out girls, I just want to eat Yindi with a spoon, she looks so sweet in every photo!

Rachel Whetzel

LOVE LOVE LOVE those DELICIOUS baby rolls!!

Anna-Marie Still

oh my gosh - look at that adorable baby chub on Miss Yindi!
Something so precious about sleeping kiddos! Glad your home safe & sound!

alex kemp

jatz biscuits - YUM - i had actually forgotten a little bit about them! but oh how i LOVE them....


Such an adorable photo!
I so know about the 3am parties!!!LOL


Look at your little sweeties, what a gorgeous pic!!

Creole Wisdom

You have the most adorable children. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I found you through Kelly McCaleb's blog. We are both on her "blogs that inspire" list. Way cool : )


I love your blog. I just wanted to let you know that children under the age of one are supposed to be in rear facing car seats. I hope you don't get offended....I just want to keep that gorgeous Yindi safe.


incase anyone else is wondering i do not normally have yindi facing forwards!! that picture was taken in australia and was the only carseat option i had, she was the correct weight for the seat :)

Candice Carpenter

How cute is that! I just want to squeeze Yindi!

Mary Jo

Precious photo!!! :0)


awww what a priceless photo
glad you arrived home safe
huge hugs hun


i used to miss the jatz when i lived os too. mum used to post them to me or i would pay three times as much at the australia store at covent garden - that was before online suppliers hahah

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