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February 22, 2008



awwww, that's pure gorgeousness!

Charlene Camilleri

Oh it brings a tear to my eye just reading about it! That is what life is all about.


Oh it's so lovely, Em!


Tristan Chabot

What a beautiful picture!! I love the story behind the quilt! That is such a treasure to have! I love things like that, they never get old :)


Thank you darling for loving it so much - it was a joy to give it to you, not realising how special it was to you before ! I am so happy to know that you love & treasure it & it will go on another generation...made me smile bigtime to see the pic of you as a baby on it, then Tara's wonderful pics of you & your girls wrapped in it...beautiful, thank you,thank you !!! XXXXX


Great story! Beautiful quilt

Angie delarie

That is a beautiful patchwork quilt !!
I have one as well mum made for me ..
Although still havn't got it yet?
Your lucky u have yours?
Love the way Tara does great photo's
She is too good !!
How are the stamps going ?
Hope u like them

Cass H

OK, now I am crying!!! Bloody pregnancy hormones!!
What a lovely story behind a precious heirloom.

Cass H
Western Australia

Cass H

Oops... and gorgeous photo Tara...

Cass H


what a beautiful story em!
thanks for sharing! :o)


That's a GREAT quilt! I have mine from when I was a young girl, but it's not nearly as lovely as yours!


Beautiful quilt, beautiful story, beautiful people, beautiful photo! Made my friday :) Thanks!


It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


Ditto all above. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. TFS

Jenny M

Oh wow! That is just beautiful! And what a lovely story. :)


Your quilt is one of those treasures that makes you remember what is important in life.

BTW you have made me cry...man I miss my family back in Aus.

Suzanne Australia

Hello Em
Loved the quilt photos saw a sneak peak of them on Taras blog. It looks such a roomy quilt so lots of snuggling space. Happy memories.


Suzanne Australia

Hello Em
Loved the quilt photos saw a sneak peak on Taras blog. It looks such a roomy quilt so lots of snuggling space. Happy memories.


Your youngest looks just like you as a baby.. wow.. and that quilt is gorgeous.. so happy your mom let you have it.. always something extra special about that kind of gift.. enjoy


Truly. Priceless. I need to finish up some of my quilt tops - my kids love the few lame quilts I made as a beginner, and now I make snazzy tops but never finish them...


Emily! What a gorgeous picture of you and your girls!


What a gorgeous quilt!!? She started it when she was 17? What an amazing thing to do and make... it makes you want to start some sort of legacy like that for your girls, not that I have any kids, and in a way that's perfect... if I start now I might just get somewhere by the time kids come into the picture. Truly gorgeous, your mum is an amazing woman!! And you guys look so happy bundled up in it together!


Just beautiful.

Judy in Carefree

What a treasure! The picture brought tears to my eyes and makes me realize that I need to make things for my children and grandchildren so they always have a part of me. How lucky you are!

Lindsey Trego

The quilt is beautiful. You look so pretty in the picture with the girls. I have a similar quilt. My grandma sewed for all of my cousins and I as kids and one year for Christmas she compiled all the scraps from our dresses and such into a lovely quilt which I now have on my bed.

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