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March 19, 2008


Rebecca Cameron

I have begun studying again. Sometimes I wish I hadn't...I just don't have time to journal anymore.

tara Whitney

go em!
the exciting thing i started was ovulation cramps.

you guys-the new ribbons are sooooo cool.


Go you good thing! I will plan to do the same...so im going to have to sort out the buggy tyre because thats been my excuse.

Anna Aspnes

The gym. I've started back at the gym. Excited to see the new ribbons. Are you still working on mine?


Fabby word prompt again:)


Yes! I began my first altered book this week! Took me long enough to start, like since the summer! I couldn't decide on a theme or a layout, so I bought an old dictionary and I am calling it "These are a few of my favorite things" and I am just putting cutouts of my favorite things in there, listed alphabetically, like the dictionary.... P.S. I've enjoyed browsing through your creations. Thank you for sharing them and being an inspiration. I think that if you lived in Upstate NY, we could be good friends!


I've decided to get out into my garden EVERY day... I love time with my hands in the dirt, looking like a scruff and talking to my chickens.. and don't spend nearly enough time doing it. Thanks for your blog Em. You continue to inspire! Doesn't Yindi look sooo much like Mick...


We have started drinking green "lemonade" for breakfast every morning for about 2 months now. We juice a bunch of celery, a few leaves of swiss chard, half a romaine heart, a lemon, two apples, and a hefty piece of ginger. I thought it would be hard to switch to juice for breakfast, but the change is phenomenal! I love it and crave it every morning now. I have my husband on board and my kids are drinking all styles of smoothies - usually with spinach thrown in. I am so excited to juice with the greens we grow!!
I hope your yoga is going great! Namaste.

Jennifer Martinovici

The first thing I thought of when I read Begin was new beginnings which led to my new baby niece. So I did a quick layout about my newborn niece. :)


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