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March 13, 2008



Ohh I'm at a loss for what to make for dinner tonight. I just may have to try this : )



Ah Slop, one of our fav's!!! maybe we will have it tonight....i did a scrap page which mentioned 'Ems Lentil Slop'...i got a lot of comments..'Slop...really?" hehe


you're rad!


Wish my "slop" nigths were like this, looks yummy!


My boys used to ask me "what's for dinner tonight, scraps?", by which they meant left overs. I'm like you, I'd rather cook alot for one night and live off it for the next coupla nights. Slops looks good, but I doubt I'd get my little ones to eat it...


sounds yummy to me-anything with avacados and cilantro-yum!
Are you on the SIS website, Emily?


that actually looks pretty yummy, I am very impressed! My "itsbeenoneofthosekindadays" meal usually consists of somethin' like grilled cheese and tomato soup, yeah real original, right?


mmm sounds good to me!!!
I think I will try that sometime : )



Mmmmmm...looks yummy to me!!! I am down to DH and me and I can also give him the 'areyoukiddingyouwantmetocookdinnerforyoudoilooklikeiwanttocookespeciallyforyou'look. It's very effective. Of course I'd never give that look to my kids or grandkids!! Ha!!! love ya sweetie!!!

tara Whitney

this is SO FUNNY. love it.


I already commented, but we got the April CK at work today and I LOVE your article, beautiful work, and who knew, all that with a roll of paper towels!!?


LOL. How funny! My IdontwanttocookbacauseIamtootiredmeal is very similar. My version is a soup though. Fry an onion, a clove of crushed garlic, a cup of grated carrot. Once soft add half a cup f washed red lentils, 3 cups of boiled water, a bay leaf and a tablespoon of soy sauce. Simmer/ boil until lentils are soft. Blend using a hand blender. Serve with toast cut in cubes to act as faux croutons.

In Australia we would have celery as well as carrot, but in Laos we don't have that luxury.

Thanks for the recipe. The meal looks yummy.


Sound delicious! Think we might have to try this this week. Ruby hasn't had lentils yet.

kirsty wiseman

Actch your slop looks pretty delish.

my fave end-of-month meal is this (its so cheap. Its curried almond soup.

Chop 3 onions fine as you possibly can, stir on a low heat in butter until real soft. Pour 2 pints of chicken or veg stock on top and add two tsp of curry powder and then add a 225g packet of ground almonds.

Simmer for 2 hours (so that the curry powder works it magic). I could eat that every day of my life.

Love to all xx


looks just like dinner at my house!


We have 'freezer mixed grill' You know when there is not enough of anything left to make a meal the same for everyone, so its one chicken breat, a sause or two a couple of nuggets and assorted veggies!!


paige said 'that looks yummy!'

Rachel Burgess

So gonna have to try this. Looks like a fab food storage meal to me ;-)


thank you for this recipe, Emily... I tried making it tonight (I am not much of a cook - so a one -pot meal sounded like something I could actually do!) It was delicious! had it with avacado and cilantro... yummy! thanks!


looks pretty scrummy to me.... might have to try this one out!

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