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April 01, 2008



fabulous idea using the book cover - love the little circles to journal in - inspiring as usual; hope you are all feeling lots better !!


very cool idea with the book cover!! Hope your life's more good crazy then bad crazy & you're all back to full health soon. x


oh love the idea of just putting a book cover into the art journal, so unique!


looks great em, and hope you all feel better soon!

Rachel Whetzel

Love this one!! Here's mine!!

Rachel Whetzel


Angie delarie

Ohh love that journal ..
Im doing one at SFTH..april 11th can't wait
Could u tell me a bit about CHA>>>
I know u were talking to me about it ..and i've planned to go next year!!!


Awesome layout. I love it! I love the use of the journalling stamps. I never thought to put a ton on a page usually I just do one. Thanks!

Here's mine for this week.



Great word! Awesome!

PS - give the kids a good probiotic if they're on an antibiotic. I think it makes a difference in their health.

Bek Vavic

Thinking of you and yours.
Must post to you soon.
(hugs) and love


I love your blog. I am always inspired. Thank you for sharing your talents.
I wanted to send you a link to a scrapbook LO that I did after seeing this post. I loved all the white space on your page.



Just discovered your site. What beautiful work. I've been a fan of yours since you did that awesome article in CK on using paper towels in your art. It was just so eye-opening for me and I loved it! That one article has prompted me to use all kinds of crazy things in my stuff and I just wanted to thank you!


Hi ~ I came across your blog yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know that I really love it. I have been trying for ages to start an art journal, but I feel spectacularly uncreative. If you happen to have an entry about getting started or any basic techniques, I would love it if you'd point me to it. Thanks!!

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