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May 20, 2008



that looks and sound yummy. i will try it!

Rebecca Vavic

YOu can make anything sounds exotic Ems LOL!
My family would adore you and your food.
Count down to Italy... I hope you and the family have a blast.
*hugs* and love


HEHEHE, i was all excited you had a new recipe for me, i said to Jimmy, Ems going to post a rice recipe tomorrow, we will have it this week!
but this is a good one, Kaya loves it too :)
Ivy, you look so beautiful and elfin


Woow! I clicked my way to your blog from Elsie and this is just so great! I love it, it's exactly what I've been looking for.

A few weeks ago I made the decicion to start eating healthily. I'm going to learn so much from this blog, thank you so much for all these delicious recipes and inspiration to eat good food.

Hugs from Sweden!


this looks SO good...i'm making this today! i have a good, fast rice tip...i use quick cooking brown rice and substitute fresh salsa for half or 3/4 of the water. add your favorite beans at the end and all the good fixins (avocado, tomato, cilantro, cheese). i like it with plantains fried in a little olive oil....mmmmm...we have this once a week. it's so fast and easy and yummy!


I think I will make this for dinner:)thanks Em!

rhonna farrer

mmmm.yumma yumma!
will try it out!


you know what Im seeing here!!! One very cool wonky bowl made by you!!! I have some just like it!!!! Im off to make that now for dinner...


Yummo Em - thanks!

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