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May 29, 2008



wow. how fun and exciting for you ladies! wish i could indulge...i'm sure you'll have an amazing time :)


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! i will do my best...........

Rachel Dallaire

Awesome! I would so love to go, but don't think it's going to happen. The idea is awesome and wonderful and inspiring though-keep it up. You are doing something absolutely amazing.

tara pakosta

WOW, sounds FUN!
I hope you girls have a BLAST!!!!!

Dale Anne

I guess I not only better apply for my passport, but I'd better start saving! This would be a FABULOUS experience!!!

Megan Hilton

HOW COOL. Wish I had known and I would have given up all purchases and spending for a year to take this amazing journey! It will be amazing for those lucky ones who get to share your experience. Great, great idea!


Sounds AMAZING!! I wish I could do that!

Lynn Herrick

What a great idea. I have been to Bangkok many times (in connection with work), and I have always enjoyed my time in Thailand. Right now, after reading your blog, I am daydreaming about a 2 hour Thai massage for $15. For those of us that can't indulge in this fabulous trip, is there any chance you and Tara will do something in Southern California? I recently moved to San Diego and I know you are both nearby.


Wow! One day I plan/hope to go on a trip like this. You guys are going to have so much fun!


seriously moving and who better to find yourself with than two chickies like yourselves

Just Lulu

*sigh* in my dreams!!! I can't even imagine all the fun that will be had!! I'm sure the spots would be full before I could save up..

erica grover

Will you do this again? Does it matter if you don't know me? :) I'm THIS CLOSE to doing it....but I must know if this is a one time thing or if you will do it again.


i will respond here when i can for em, since she is fluttering about italy at the moment! :)

erica-we definitely would love to make this a once a year event, but we just have to see how this one goes first.

lynn-would we do it here in socal? i guess that is a slight possibility...but i cant say for sure.

m i c h e l l e

This sounds INCREDIBLE!!! With you two? What an amazing adventure!!! I am just SO heartbroken because I can't join the fun...I have NO MORE VACATION TIME left for 2008!!!

Anna-Marie Still

wowza - you gals are amazing! Think David and the kids would mind if instead of buying the kids plane tickets for our Hawaii trip next March, I bought myself a trip to Thailand instead??? Seriously, if I earn some bonus awards this year and you still have spots open I am so in! I probably won't know if it's doable for me until the end of July, but I'm crossing my fingers!


oh my! i really want to come!
miss you my darling...
kiss kiss

Susan Gilman

OH MY. OH EMILY AND TARA! IS THIS IS DREAM OR WHAT??? I wanna GO! I wanna take 6 of my INSPIRED BFFs (you know who you are, girlies!) and hang with you too in sarongs for a week.

OK...how much can I get for a kidney? Seriously. I wanna start selling of parts. I want it I want it I want it. If I just start begging in my blog...is that considered MAIL FRAUD?

Come on girls....let's get CREATIVE HERE! WE NEED TO DO THIS!

Susan Gilman

oh dear...pardon my TYPOS!! (I am THAT excited about it!) I meant "....and hang with you TWO...." and "I wanna start selling OFF parts." and "If I just start begging ON my blog..."

breathe. in. out. I think I am hyperventilating!


I'm SO in for 2009's trip. I have to get the time off and save...but I'm definitely going, so you have to do it again. Pretty, pretty please!!!!

Sandy Burns

this sounds like it's going to be an awesome adventure!

Sarah van Wijck

Sounds fantastic. I'm working on hubby right now as I think it's doable and surely they won't miss me for a week!!

Danielle Q

I think there's a song about "wishing and dreaming"... you guys will have an amazing time, I'm sure :)

Rebecca Cameron

OMG. I am so there. Quick I better find out some more details.

Thembi Pain

will this be a yearly event?, if so can I be the first to book for next year (2009) :)


I assume the price is in US dollars?

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