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May 19, 2008


Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Tandoori naan is my fave---we use to have the best restaurant in Boulder, CO, on the 16th Street Mall that made the best tandoori naan. Soooo good! Wished we had a Trader Joes in my area. :SIGH:

Sasha Farina

Em you're making me hungry!

tena Sprenger

I would have to agree.... Trader Joes rocks.. I am currently in love with the bags of frozen edemame there...I unthaw it and eat it all week yum...tena


We are trying the real simple approach to food preparation at the moment. Really trying to not cook much and eat snack food with not many ingredients. Drinking lots of water as well it really does make you feel better.


It is so nice to see parents not feeding their kids crap. You are a person after my own heart. :)


ohhhh you have made me want hommus now... but I have to stay off all things that cause gas for Rowan's sake!!!


Hommus is my favourite too...love it on toast for breakfast. I've found a good one at costco...a BIG one which is good 'cause we go through so much of it. I must say I'm not in love with Trader Joe's in our town. I'm still looking for a proper health foods shop with things in bulk so I can make my own NOT TOASTED museli. Can't wait to see what else you have to show.


Your noodles that spell hello are a Trader Joe staple in our house! My boys LOVE them! I can't wait to see what kinds of yummy snacks and ideas come from this post. One super simple thing my boys love for a snack is the Horizon yogurt tubes. I freeze them. It is easy and less messy when our two year old squeezes them out!!



hi em! great post...yeah, i'd have to say a big portion of our food budget goes to fresh produce as well. we.re blessed enough to have lots of organic produce that's grown right here in our town. makes such a difference! and cheers to you for feeding your kids GOOD food! :)


My Mom was from India - we grew up on Naan and Chapati and basmati rice...you made me nostalgic!


Amazing that hummus you pictured, the Mediterranean style from Trader Joes, is our favourite too.
We also eat it with the TJ's Tandoori Garlic naan, my boys love it when they come home from school.

Krista P

I'm going to have to try freezing the yogurt tubes. My kids like grape tomatoes, whole wheat mini bagels (with or without some type of spread), veggies dipped in plain yogurt.

tara pakosta

my kids LOVe

cucumber w/ Italian dressing.
whole wheat crackers w/ peanut butter--
carrots & pretzels w/ salsa
HOmeade vegetable soup--
smoothies...(yogurt, milk, ice, frozen fruit, orange juice--can add a little protein powder)
I am going to have to try that Hummus! I LOVE Trader Joes!!!!!


we eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole foods here too....

friday i bought some popsicle containers to make juice popsicles! my girls LOVE making them and they are SO much better for them with 100% fruit juice! nice for summer!!!

thanks for this post!!!


Carrots or pita bread with hummous is a staple in our house, but i've not seem 'lumpy' hummous before, that looks interesting.


Love everything you said - can't get my family to try the yummy TJ's olive hummus, but that's more for me! This weekend at the lovely torture of Brownie camp, our leader had dried mangoes for a snack. I really dislike them fresh, but since I was starved on camp food, I tried one and (surprise!!) so did my daughter - a bit sugary, but quite good, actually.


Had to tell you about my kids favorite sandwich (in fact I just made one this morning). Spread some hummus on lavash bread and sprinkle with a large amount of broccoli slaw mix (just the crunchy veggies in the bag - don't add anything to it - the hummus gives it the moisture) and roll up. The kids love it and they're getting some good for them stuff. If your kids don't like only veggies you can add some leftover roast chicken to the rollup. So good!


Yay, I am so excited to read these upcoming posts and all the comments. We love Trader Joes too! Some of our favorites are their ww crackers, frozen brown rice, hummus, dried cherries, mandarin orange chicken, fruit bars...I could go on and on, we love it all. Our new favorite find is their Mango Honey shave gel--it smells so good!


I don't have kids, but with a busy schedule I like to keep dinners under 30 minutes to prepare, but fresh & healthy.

During the summer our favorite is VEGGIE TOSTADAS:

Veggie Salsa

1 diced tomato
1 diced small red onion
1 small handful of diced cilantro
1/4 cup of canned corn
6 diced radishes
lime juice (about 1 lime)
(combine these ingridients in a bowl)

4 mashed avocados (add a pinch of salt) - use this as your base & spread on the tostada then top with the veggie salsa.

*This will make you about 8-10 tostadas


m i c h e l l e

We eat mostly vegan in our house although my husband eats meat occasionally, I'm vegetarian and my daughter is vegan. Veganism just makes for some simple nutrition-packed eating. One of my favorite dishes (and whole meal) is called an Incan Bowl. It's our version of a dish I've had at an amazing Portland vegan/raw restaurant called Blossoming Lotus (there's also one on Kauai).

Put some quinoa and/or brown rice in a bowl, then layer steamed kale, lightly sauteed mushrooms. Then add some garbanzo beans or black-eyed peas. Top the whole thing with your favorite peanut sauce. You can actually change up the veggies/legumes and make it anything combo you like. So good, so filling, and so healthy! :-)


Michelle mentioned a dish with quinoa...that's my newest favorite food! I love it so much. It's a perfect protein too...it's one of the superfoods. I also love hummus (in fact, I had it for lunch today with pita bread and red bell peppers.) In order to save money, I cooked garbanzo beans last week and have used them for many different dishes throughout the week. I ended up making hummus this weekend with the left over beans. I have been on a kick with cooking different beans in the crock pot over the weekend and then using them for different dishes during the week. It's cheap and beans are always a good protein source.

There's a quinoa recipe that is great! It's from a cookbook called Vegan with a Vengeance (a wonderful cookbook). I found a website that pretty much has the recipe exactly how it is in the book. The mushroom sauce/gravy really makes the recipe. So I would make sure to try that too. It gives you a link for that too.
Here you go:


Quinoa is also good to use instead of rice with black beans, chopped up tomatoes and avocadoes (I also use a little Sour Supreme vegan sour cream too).


I had diet coke and m&m's for lunch...does that count? just kidding! I can't make hummus as good as the TJ's kind either....it's soooo good.


you should check out ellie kreiger from food network -she uses lots of grains to make tons of simple and healty recipes...http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_ek/

kelly mccaleb

i love this post! and the food looks so delicious!!!


Awesome! Love reading about good healthy food! Very likeminded! :) Love that! I'm from AZ and miss the fresh produce that comes in daily from Cali and Mexico. We grow our own organic veggies in our backyard. i'll have to make a blog post about that. It's cheaper and great for the kids and you can't beat fresh. I miss TJ's so much!!! their yogurt and hummus are to die for!!! Oooh and their pesto and artichoke lemon pesto... YUMMMO!!!!

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