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May 22, 2008



All the best in Italy have fun. Yindi has such an adorable look I wonder what shes thinking. Thanks for sharing this receipe.


The salad looks yummy too. I will be trying this one, the chickpea rendition too.

Vicki Boutin

Have a safe trip!!!! My kids love the "little trees" too! :)

Verna G.

Thanks so much for all of the food tips!

Have a wonderful trip!


MAn i go away for a night and come home to 3 posts! THe drinks look lovely, i think if i show Kaya that Ivys loves them he will give them a try...My boys both love 'brocs', it was the first thing Kaya ate after his operation.
Have a WONDERFUL time, i CAN NOT WAIT to see your photos, that lovely baby covered in pizza sauce!

Rebecca G.

How fun. My kids love brocolli, too. They also LOVE Brussels Sprouts! Not many American kids do, but mine are crazy for them. Thank goodness there is something healthy that we can give them to make them happy, huh? Have fun in Italy!!


love that! my girl likes broccoli also...she had a friend over and I offered snacks...as I listed them off, he chose broccoli, and my husband said he thought he was showing off or something, but no! a match made in heaven...they both like broccoli :)


i was just wanting to find a way to use lentils the other day! can't wait to try your recipe!


Have been loving your recipe posts -- I am NOT so fortunate to have a veggie loving child, so happy to hear tips on sneaking them in! Thanks for posting the tips and have a fantastic time away!


I am SO going to try these burgers...they look scrummy!
Thanks for sharing:)


Thoses burgers look delicious!!

Have fun and travel safe!!

Sarah Heroman

yeah, Ima make those chickpea burgers! Yum!
Yindi is utterly scrumptious! Have fun in Italy!


Oh, What a cutie!! So good she loves broccoli!
I have really enjoyed all the delicious food you have "served" here at your blog this week.
Specially loved the basmati-pilaffe. Mmmmm Made some similar the other day. :) :)
I'm SO, SO looking foreward to see You Em!
Just can't wait to go to Naples.
Lene and I will arrive there wednesday 28th, and have some "days off" before the classes. :)
Se U!!

Sherri P eh

I want a broccoli baby - or two! I so love seeing that other children eat a large variety of veggies. It gives me hope! Even the classic broccoli with dip couldn't convince my kids that they just might like it!
Have a fabulous time in Italy - can't wait to see your posts from over there!


I have two teenage sons who also love broccoli ... and brussel sprouts


those sound FANTASTIC!!! Have a wonderful time in Italy!!


i love your photography so fresh and original.
i thought i'd share my bran new blog with you :
i hope i'll see you there sometimes.
THANK YOU,alexandra


My husband wants to try more vegetarian options, so I picked up some red lentils the other day. . .and how lovely to find a delicious recipe on your blog! I will definitely be trying your recipe. :)
And, have a fabulous time in Italy!


lol...what a face...that girl is destined for comedy...priceless...


Thanks for the recipe...I tried it on my meat eating husband..and he loved it!

Keep em comming--


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