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June 17, 2008



Oh, that looks so good! I will certainly try it and let you know how it goes. And is that gaucamole I see in the back, too? Yum! Beautiful photo.



That sounds and looks like a tasty tasty beetroot dip...mine is pretty fast and simple...I use the beetroot straight out of the tin and whiz it up with thick greek style yoghurt, mint, a squeeze of lemon juice and some olive oil...pomegranate molasses is great drizzled over the top...if you just happen to have some in the fridge ;)...and pinenuts make a good garnish. Have a great day. Tatum xx


A woman after my own heart, I LOVE beetroot dip. When I roast mine I put olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and cumin seeds on it, then wizz and then add sour cream afterwards to taste! And if there is any left over, GREAT on burgers!! Luckily in Aus we have lots of dips to choose from, the basil, parmesan and cashew is to die for! YUM! xx


Heh heh - I'll buy an extra dip from Woolies (here in Oz) tonight, in your honour!

Tatum - that's my absolute favourite too!!

Your dip looks great, but I LOVE your tablecloth! Do you know how much trouble I'm having finding a non-checkered, non-satiny tablecloth! Argh!


That looks so yummy. I wanted to eat my computer screen for a while with that beautiful food looking at me.


we LIVE on beetroot dip in my house!! my kids call it 'barbie dip' because of its gorgeous pink colour..... :)))


Evidently, when i was 3 my grandad named me the beetroot queen, due to my love of that veg! I still love it, especially in a burger ;) Yummo, will definately try your dip.


No dip???? You joke? Isn't ranch a dressing?

I think I could happily eat dip and crackers / pita bread at least once a day LOL. The selection at Woolies is mind boggling (sorry to rub that in) but I just picked up a nice little tuna dip, and a satay dip (tzatziki is a staple in our fridge) just to mix things up a little :)


I will definitely try it! Thank you for your lovely recipes!


OMG...limited dip supply!!! I live in a remote area in Western Australia and we have a Woolies with a huge dip supply, all of the ones you mentioned and more. Chunky basil and cashew and the chunky thai are always well stocked, and lately the crab, dill and lemon has been a bit of a fav'. Is it an Aus' thing the ol' bickies and dip?
I now have a greater appreciation of the variety that is on offer and I will get the beetroot one next time in your honor. Would like to say that I will make it but...Woolies has so many to choose from.


Oh man I hear you. Except I miss vegetables...beetroot, zucchini, mushrooms (button), peas and avocado. Especially avocado!


oh i love beets, thanks for the recipe!!


okay, i can't top these, but i do have a simple recipe... one small tub of sourcream and one package of knorr's vegetable soup mix. mix all well and dip away. it is quick to make :)


Do you have a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods near you? Both have an interesting assortment of dips. Can't say they have anything with beets though. I'll have to try your recipe - thanks!

Krista Reymann

Emily, Trader Joe's has pretty good tzatziki and a few other dips as well.

Jennifer W.

I second, third, and fourth.....you have to try Trader Joes.


Oh yum...that sounds and looks so good! I recently found beet hummus at Whole Foods which I was really excited about. Will definitely be trying your recipe

Anna-Marie Still

I was just at Whole Foods market this morning! Wish I had seen your post before I went shopping this morning - I would have bought the ingredients!

I'll be out and about tomorrow with kids check-ups at the Dr. so I'm definately going the get the goods and give it a try - looks yummy!

I let the kids make their own trail mix from the trail mix bar at WFM today - it was fun!


did you just come up with that whole mix of random goodness for that dip or did you know what they happened to make it from back home? You are amazing, my hero!!

charlene camilleri

Yummy! I am having a girls lunch at my house tomorrow so will make this, sounds divine!


Em, I was worried about you, I fiqured you've been busy with the fam. Okay I'm from Iowa originally and I didn't like beets. My parents would can them and make pickled beets, or cook them and make sugared beets. I not sure about your dip, but the rest looks good, and what is the flat bread you have there? Hugs

m i c h e l l e

Oh I am SO gonna try this recipe! It sounds fabulous and it's so colorful too. Thanks for sharing...


tsatziki is so easy to make, my sweet freind. This is all you need (found on the BBC food website)

350g/12oz Greek yoghurt
1 cucumber
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 cloves of garlic, grated finely
dash of extra virgin olive oil
paprika, for sprinkling

1. The best result is achieved by peeling and de-seeding the cucumber before grating. Hang the grated cucumber in muslin cloth or a tea towel in order to squeeze out all the excess liquid.
2. Combine the yoghurt, cucumber, lemon juice and garlic. Add a dash of olive oil and sprinkle with paprika.
3. Perfect for dipping your aubergines in.

Also try this sweet dip for your little cakies and biscuits:
1 cup ripe bananas, mashed
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon, ground
1/4 tsp nutmeg, ground
1/2 cup quick oatmeal, uncooked, *

* Do NOT use the instant packets for the oatmeal. Use the Quick Oats.
Mix the bananas and lemon juice, blending well.
Add all of the other ingredients, blending well. Serve immediately.
Makes about 2 cups of dip.
SUGGESTED DIPPERS: Fresh Or Dried Fruit,
Chocolate Wafers, Pound Cake Cubes, Vanilla Wafers, biscuits but not Tima Tams ;) LOL


wait,what? you don't like ranch?

i don't understand. that isn't possible. i must be hallucinating...


Yum! This beetroot-dip souns SO delicious! we grow beetroots in Norway, but this was a totally new way to use it. Must try! :)
I often make dip. I love tzaziki. Use greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, salt, pepper...easy...but oh so good!
I also make guacamole (mushed avocado....guess you know what I mean) And I make this dip with mushed aubergine (eggplant)...bake it in owen until soft....mix with some lemonjuice, garlic, oliveoil, salt pepper...goes well with lentils, flalaffel, salad, allmost everything....
And I'm sure you'll make a recepie-book one day, your food looks delicious!. I really miss a good veggie-one. ;)
Have a great day.

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