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August 01, 2008


boho girl

i laughed out LOUD when i saw Jack Bauer!! what a pleasant surprise, my bohemian princess friend. love it.

you and your husband rock.
your mosaics are gorgeous and a very cool self portrait of you both.

did i mention i love you too??


I did this a while back on Flickr too. I thought it was a lot of fun & its great what pictures come up. Love the fly on a bicycle---weird!

Holly C.



This was so sweet to have a glance of your photo personalities. You are so alike, and so individual. I dig you guys.


I love this, your mosics are really pretty.


oh how cool... Jordo and I will have to try this... although I still haven't figured out how to make those mosaics... should be simple, I know... but I guess I just can't do simple!!


That was awesome. Both are quite powerful. Thanks for sharing!


and uh..who is jack bauer? it must be a tv character? we don't watch much tv....:)


What an awesome idea! I love it! Shane get ready ;-)


my heart did the biggest flip flop when i read "grandad"


Hi, Emily, mocaics are great...
My best friend came today morning from Irland (I live in Poland) and she brought me Sensational Scrapbooking set, which includes a book and DVD and I can see there... YOU! It was so amazing :) I visit your blog from time to time and it was so cute to regognise you in the book :) Hugs from Poland :)

flapsi hapsi

This was such fun - loved the mosaics so had to have a go too!

Thank you for more inspiring things!


nothing to do with anything re blog...Sue in Newman here. I have had a very rough week and I find your blog soul feeds me. Thanks Em...(as well as Mick, Ivy and Yindi)...and any room on your Thai trip?

Michelle OKeefe

Love your mosaics. Had to make one also.
and checked out the other blogs, too. Love the photos.


Hi em,
Just stumbling past via natural, happy and free!
Just beautiful... your baby looks just like my angel did when she was tiny, even has the same amber necklace! I love your life....

Just did my own mosaic, at

I'll be back again,


collette~all over the map

i love that you both did it! how sweet are you two. i did one too and it made me smile. i think the combinations of colour are soothing. your mosaics are beautiful.


i just stumbled across your blog and its so awesome. i love this idea. i should try it with my husband too!

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