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July 17, 2008


corinne delis

Oh this looks like so much fun!!!!



it IS fun...such happy memories, glad you captured them Em !! xx


ha...I just subscribed to a wet felting jewelry making workshop this fall :-)
Can't wait!
Love your new banner..too cute!


emily those pics are so cute. i've done a little wet and dry felting, and came across this cool video of felting over soap and thought it'd be up your ally. i think i'll do some for christmas presents.


OOOHHHHH, I like that! Ivy you already knit, now felt,your way beyond me at such a young age. I may have to come take some classes from you!!!! By the way your hair cut makes you even cuter, if that is possible. Hugs

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Such fun!!!

I've seen this done at an art school in southern Vermont (where I teach in the summer), but have never done it myself. It always looks like such a blast. I'll definitely have to try this one day. I think my 8 year old daughter and I would have a ton of fun doing it together.

Love your new banner, by the way! I always wonder what the back of my head looks like. :)


You NEED to do a tutorial-that's so cool! I did this wayyyyyyy back when when I worked at a Montessori school, but cannot remember the process. I don't remember sandwiching it, so a lesson would be great! I love the toadstools-so beautiful, both of them.
Thanks for the email-it was nice to hear from you.
peace, d.


Yes I would love to see a tutorial also. It looks like so much fun.


wow, those really are amazing, must try my hand at this!!


do you think you could create these using this technique?


I have been in love with these since I saw them and would love to make my mum one for Christmas this year!


such sweet pics...love that art work! i may have to get kade and maddy into that. :)

can't wait til friday, i think i may have to do some shopping!

love to you.


I love felting... one of these days I will need to introduce this to Jaden. I wanted to comment and let you know that I LOVE your new banner pic!!! So LOVELY!

Sam :)

Toni Coward

that is very cute...did you know your husband is on the front page of etsy at the moment?!!


What a great activity, makes me want to go and try it with my 4 y.o. but I need to dye my wool roving first :) I'd love to see a complete video in English though, since I've never done any kind of wool felting... Hope you'll get a chance to videotape it some day ;)

Stephanie T.

You must have read my mind...I'd just downloaded tutorials for make felted beads with my kids. I bought the most colors of roving in Port Townsend.
The tutorial link lead me to another tutorial on needle felting with the amazing Rice Freeman-Zachary...it (she) made my day!!

Thanks E!!


That looks fun. We tried wet felting and dry felting once or twice. Dry felting ended up with pricked fingers for my boys so wet felting was better. I like the picture idea. Your new header is great.

Toni Coward

oooh, bugger its gone!
it was him with the green baby sling!!
i wonder if you can see old hand picked items anywhere??
probably not, but trust me...he was famous!!! :)

lorraine uk

This looks great..
Its the school holidays next week and am looking for things to do with my 7yr old and my 2 yr old might even join in!!
Will let you know the results if they turn out ok..ha ha
Have great day. from the uk. x

Rachel Burgess

thats so cool. I had a great art teacher who taught me to do that in school. wow, I really need to get some stuff and have another go!


Love the look of this! Can't wait for the video! Hint! Hint!


i love this! i needle felt some of my creations, but i have not felted just fibers together. i think it will be yet another thing i have to try!

Sasha Farina

wow... that looks interesting!

Sara R.

The more I look at these, the more I want to do it RIGHT NOW! ;)


i love this idea!
it looks amazing.
this is so wonderful that ivy did this at school.
i'm totally going to have to follow her teacher's idea and work this into my classroom (once i finally get one, that is)

candy robles

I really love this wet felting project! I'm off to give it a try! Thanks for your continuous inspirations!

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