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October 21, 2008



what magic - lucky girls to have such wonderful opportunities. Yindi's LEGS... I adore them, striding out, so beautiful !

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Ah, such perfect bliss!


luv being at the beach...Here whenever we can....we go to say hi to the waves!


I've lived on the west coast all my life and have never seen those creatures! what are brittlestars? Oh playing in the sand and surf! They will cherish those photos & memories later in life....


hi there. I've been lurking for months and truly enjoy your blog. the baby in the bloomers on the beach delurked me. I will smile all day.

possibly all day tomorrow too.


Yindi's legs are so cute! They remind me of my kid's legs at that age! :) ....beautiful pictures!


brittlestars? never heard of them---but sounds fun.

Enjoy Thailand, hope its a restful break for you. Take lots and lots of pictures.


awww. I wanna new baby. I really, really do.
p.s. when do you leave for thailand? I keep having dreams I am going too. next year?


oh how I want tide pools in my life...


those little chubby legs are THE cutest! I miss my 7 yr old being a little chubby baby :) and i miss the beach!


How sweet is that....beautiful photos !!...xx Dani

amanda lee

we love the beach too. i would love to live somewhere where we could go to the beach all year!


Those yummy little thighs!


I could do without those things on their hands, but those chubby baby legs? Those I'm lovin'!!!

Sasha Farina

you had me at the first pic Em~ !

lesli streets

wish i could be in thailand with you girls--maybe next trip?
my husband and i are taking our twin boys (age 5) to san diego on thursday (oct.30). just wondering where this beach is that has these great tide pools. we might be able to catch a low tide while there. since you are in thailand i know you might not get this in time but i thought i would try.

Mariana Perri

They are growing so fast! And ever so pretty!

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