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December 19, 2008


Sara Berry

Love the toe-cozys! You are such a fun momma, wish we could have a play date!

Jenny E

Love the toe warmers! (We met at Crafting Connection in NZ)


Love it! Those toe warmers are CUTE!

Jen Davis

Just brilliant! =)


hahaha.... love that last pic!!


so creative em, i love it !! that last pic has me in happy giggles ! xxxxxxx


haha, LOVE the toes! and what a fun idea, I have a pair of striped christmas socks begging to have this done to them, thanks!

stacy t

love those pics. but i'm not showing my daughter - she'll be snip-snipping away in your sock drawer or mine for that matter.
did i miss the pouches on etsy? that is just what i've been looking for my camera/extra memory cards, etc when i'm out on a photo session. i've seen them in stores but they are cheap leather things and ugly as sin. let me know if you make more and put me on the waiting list. hugs to you and yours this chirstmas and always.


hilarious last shot, love happy snaps like this:)


Just found your blog through Gitzen Girl.
Ya know that butterfly in your tummy feeling? I love that feeling and I got it when I was scrolling through. I love it! I don't do one click and then add to my blogroll...except this time. Kudos and blog love~


Em- thats hilarious.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

LOVE IT! Total score for Ivy and Yindi and total score for your tootsies!


Hey, the toesies would make great finger puppets, too!


those are fanastic em! happy holidays to you and yours

Charin :)

Those are adorable!! :) :)


Have been trying to get around to knitting a pair of open finger long gloves for ages! Now I don't have to! Great idea! Also just read the Christmas nipple story and just cracked up! Thanks for sharing!


My friend at work had the same orange and yellow pair you did in your photo and yes, when she wore them, I wanted my own. What I did was buy a secondhand sweater at the Salvation Army and cut its arms off and do much the same as you did to the socks. Love them!


That has to be the cutest idea ever... I'm suddenly wishing I had toe socks to cut off and the ability to sew :)


those socks remind me of rainbow bright.


love the little bits of toes being reused!!!!!!!! so cute !!


Such a great idea! And the toe warmers are the cutest! *giggle* -e

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