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December 06, 2008



cute ivy and all those cute little elves looked like they were having some fun. wish i'd sent you the little red & white stripey elf hat i made you em for a school concert - think it is still here
somewhere! think it had a zig zaggy green felt border & was made out of some recycled item of clothing !! there must be a photo of you wearing it somewhere - if you have it, please post for all to see !!!!!!! good to see sam in his uncle role - enjoy his visit & give him a big hug from mumma !! xxxxx


For real??? You named her Ivy Elfin? Is that her real name? If it is, I am smiling even bigger than I did when I read that!!! How cute is that!

She DOES look like a little elf. Those eyes, that mischievious smile.

My daughter looks like a little pixie. One of her middle names is Sunshine. We should get the two of them together to prove that elves and pixies really do exist! :)

Jennifer M.

That is so sweet! She looks adorable in her little elf outfit!


Love all the little elves. Send them my way for Christmas eh?


My son was born with little elfin ears, too...I just love them. He was totally into Peter Pan when he was a kid, and LOVED that he shared this common trait with Mr. Pan. I love that you named her Ivy Elfin. Cutest name ever and totally suits her little personality that comes out so strongly in her photos. Tell her we LOVE her outfit.


Show this to Ivy...Maybe they can start and Elfin Society...


Opps. for got the link.


Bina :)

Ivy is a cute little Elf!!
I miss you!!

Sherri P eh

Ivy looks adorable! Don't you love the family part of Christmas?! Living away from family the rest of the year, I always look forward to Christmas. Enjoy yours!

Dale Anne

VERY very CUTE!!!

Rebecca Cameron

Good to see you haven't lost your Australianisms yet (ute => pick-up)!

Happy holidays.



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