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January 12, 2009



Mmmm...good question, I will have a ponder on this one! Sparkly vibes to you Em, hope you feel better...and thank you for this wonderful project!
Sue x


This is not easy but I really like this weeks theme. Thank you!

Beautifullily (Fay)

This is going to take some thinking about


You are not goig to let us easy. Great question! Thankyou!

melissa brown

love it!

Sandi Keene

ooohhh, good one! Off to create.


I know exactly what im going to do for this one! Just need to finish last weeks first! x


Oh wow, great question!
Hope my tag is big enough, cause this is really a topic that can evolve in a lot of writing!!!
BTW, love the whole 52Q project! I stumbled across your blog recently, and i couldn't get it out of my mind! So i started today creating tag 1. Hope to post it later this evening!
Feeling better already? If not, get well soon!


OOoooo, what an AWESOME question!

I'm hoping to start this challenge within the next few days. And this question is definitely something that has been on my mind lately as I've been forced to face a crossroad in my life.


oh my! great Q, ideas brewing....


Oh wonderfully "tough" question!!!

I got MINE DONE - whoo hoo. I posted it to my blog.

Thank you for allowing me to 'reflect' in this topic.


kristen Van Dyke

at first i thought my answer was simply, 'no'. but the more i think about it, the more i have things i can put down - thanks for the prompt!

Jessi W

i love this one...mine is here:

Lusi Austin

Gorgeous Em :)
Hope you feel better really soon!
Love Lus x


hi emily
i just want to ask if you mind if i post your first question post onto my blog? i have already but if you want me to take it down i shall do.

looking forward to actually making my tags now....i would have loved reading through the last one you did (though how i missed it i dont know!)



I just completed my first question, and I am so excited to start the next. I posted to Flickr. My daughters who are 7 and 9 are also working on their own journals.
It is a great way to be creative with each other!
I posted a link to your project on my blog, I hope that's ok?


mine is done blogged and flickered this I need to resize the pics on my blog though they are huge


I'm jumping on the bandwagon... I love this idea!!! However, due to lack of time (I am about a year behind in my scrapbooking already) I have decided to just add a section to my filofax for 52Q... then I'll be able to look back on it at the end of 2009 :) Who knows, there might be some doodling involved to get a creative flair attached to it! ;) Thanks Em!!

Jackie worcs

Ummm gonna have to think on this one, have made a few notes though.Hope you feel better.


I jumped in on week 2, but I also did the firs question :-)! Great journaling idea this project! Thanks!


Hi...new to your blog...LOVE it. You are so artistic. I envy you. Anyways...I have started the 52Q. I just thought you might like to know. I don't think mine will be as "artsy" but I like it anyways. I will be adding you to my blogroll to keep track of the questions. This is such a great idea and exactly the project I was looking for.


What a great idea! I jump in on week two, starting tomorrow! Thank you!!!

Love your work and pictures!


I am happy to say that week 2 is complete!

Sasha Farina

i'm drowming in assignments right now.. but i would love to join when I can breathe again!! love your prompts so far Em!


Hi Emily!

I saw your 52Q idea on High Heeled Mama and thought I'd give it a try. I think the questions have been great so far and I'm looking forward to the rest. However, I'm doing it a little different and only plan to journal on my blog for now. Maybe I'll get a chance to add my creative touch to it later or perhaps I'll answer the same questions next year. Thanks for the great idea!

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