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January 19, 2009



what an absolutley beautiful thing to do with your daughter

julie thornton

Aw...lovely question and lovely that you are part of her make believe world.


.....love that card - and the question !! those little 'sap crystals' are beautiful too...
ah sweet ivy, you are an angel & i love the beauty you find in nature....xxxx


I love this question! My mum used to write notes from the fairies and leave them in my dolls house so I would find them in the mornings!


We have fairies at the bottom of our garden, theres one who blows kisses!
Jackie worcs ;-D


Deep and difficult question...Only through my little son I can see fairies...
Thanks to this art journal I can look into myself...and find things I could not imagine...great!!!!
Hugs from Italy

Chelsea Parsons

we do!

Beautifullily (Fay)

gorgeous tag, thanks for the quesion

Jen Davis

I am so excited for this one! We got dd the book "Fairy Houses" this year for Christmas and along with it a little pot, potting soil, grass seeds, bean seeds, some rocks for making paths and some shells along with a little fairy house in hopes of one arriving to visit us here someday...so lot's of talk about fairies here lately! =)


When I went to see "Finding Neverland" in the theatre, I was sad to see that I was the only one who clapped when in the original play all had to clap their hands to keep Tink alive. I got a few turned heads and the movie gestapo was rather indignant about this, but I didn't care. I do believe in fairies!!! Some months later, I rented it to watch with my sweet-faced babies. I was swelled with mother pride, knowing I was raising them right, when my two angels clapped with all their might to save Tinker Bell at the same place in the movie where I clapped. Thanks for a great 52Q question.


such a memory for me as I have two older daughters who saw the fairies too!

give day on my blog today of my song birds....
blessings, ELK

Corinna Lyons-Revello

I read this all the way through and admired the beautiful tag you made and just thought it was a random blog post but then for some reason I came back up to the top and realized it was the question for this week! And what an enchanting question! Love it!



we do!
we do the fairie thing here bigtime. Mini notes in the backyard, little glittered envelopes, they love it!
I haven't checked in in awhile, but everytime I do I'm always happy with what you're posting. I'll have to check back again and play along with your questions!
Oh, and I loved your spread in CK, that's what made me check your blog today!

Jill Brush

ok my friends dragged me into this and i am loving it! I havn't done number 1 or 2 yet, but here is the fairies one! check it out!



Tricky Em, very tricky. Do I believe in fairies, first I thought, no, way past the age of believing in fairies, but then I thought of my 2 young grandsons both of who still believe in Santa Clause (well maybe not the 8 year old so much) and the Tooth Fairy, so I guess there are still fairies around in my life and maybe this question is not as hard as I first thought.

Karalenn (aka Penelope Crackers) :)

I do. I do. I do believe in fairies. :) I think you must have made this question for me so that I could make another fairy painting. I've got a little list of things I want to paint this year and 1/4 of them are fairy-ish. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to do it.

Oliva Ohlson

Of Course!!!


Hi again... wow, now what can i possibly make out of this one? I have a 5,5 year old boy running around my house, so there's not much fairyness going on here...
But i guess i can sleep on it a night... see what's 'cooking' in my mind... and maybe my inner child will speak to me in my dreams, about those lost believes in fairies?

Totally love this question-tag project btw... it's very inspiring to me... i got out a lot of art supplies (that have been waiting to be used!!!) for my last tag, and a had great fun playing around with those...


I love that you asked that question!!!!!!!!!
We have a pink fairy door at the end of our hallway. It is about 6 inches high and 4 inches wide. Our fairy moved into our home in November and we love her. She has a fairy mailbox outside her door where she leaves us mail. We leave her mail to.We love fairies. If you look up www.urban-fairies.com you can see where our fairy is from. My kids love to visit the Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor. Thanks for making me smile.



ohhh beautiful! Ivy will remember the fairies for ever.


Oh good question - I love your thoughts Em!

I have mine done and posted to my blog.



I'm not sure if I'm linking you to the right one or not.... Here's my q&a's



Finally joined in and am now up to date with my journal :)
I found your blog by hopping around and I love it, so inspirational.
thank you for sharing this journal :) mine is now on my blog :) x
hugs x


Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I am having so much fun with your weekly questions! Thanks!
(bluebirds and bubbles)


Has a fab time doing this thanks Em have added it to my Blog

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