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January 05, 2009



Oh very cool idea. Love the tag idea. Will join in for sure as I loved doing the card challenge way back when :-)Now not quite sure what I will do this on - I may incorporate into my already started art journal - we will see. Oh yay - exciting stuff. Thanx Em.



rachel whetzel

TOTALLY TOTALLY in. And I'm hosting an art journal prompty poo of my own if you are interested... let me know!! I totally agree with the size dealio... makes a huge difference. I'll be using the old playing cards again!!


The tag idea is fantastic, little doesnt seem as overwhelming.
Also remember even through you stopped last year you still have all that created art, that may otherwise have not got done, so you accomplished quite a lot.


Looks awesome as usual, the little shipping tags are a fantastic idea :)
i bet one of your wishes was for your butt not to be so sore :)he he

Lee L

niiiiice. I am going to totally copy-cat you as I have a load of those tags! What a cute idea.
But I am taking the pressure off myself, and I'll do a challenge when I am able to/when I feel I have the time so I am not setting a full on goal. Hopefully I should get a few done though - this should be fun!!


i'm IN! i am playing along with rachel's prompts, who posted above, as well, so now i'll have 2 little artsymethings at the end of the year. can't wait.

Ashley M

I'm doing mine on index cards and binding them with a binder ring. I'm so excited. You really have no clue. I haven't made anything since... April? May? of 2008. Just needed a little push. Thanks. ^_^

amy christine

ohh! this is just what i need right now. so looking forward to this! :]


Love your idea Em, I am in. I love the tag idea and may do a rolodex card also.....ok that is not a commitment but a good idea lol.
I love your inspiration!!!!


aaaawwwww yeah. I am in. I am really going to try and stick with it. I will talk to the husband. get him in too.
I love your words! lots to look forward to this year.


I so want to play and I also love the tag idea!!!!
Thanks for doing this again!!!


I wish to join you on this challenge. Looking forward to start. Great idea!!


Thankyou Emily for doing this, and count me in. I played along in 2007 and I love my little collection of messy, inky, stamped, collaged, sand-papered snippets of life, all packed onto a deck of cards:)

Teresa Cassimatis

THANK YOU !!!! I am sooo IN. I really loved the 2007 challenge and missed it 2008. You are totally inspiring and I cannot wait to get started. Thanks again Emily!

Bina :)

Youhhouuuu I'm on the boat :)
Miss you


This is sooo cool! I joined in 2007, love my cardstack and am SO IN this year as well!! Thanks!

Sylvia from Hamburg, Germany


Fabulously cool idea! And I love that this is so easy to do. I'm in!

Gina Cunningham

Yeah!! I am so excited. I really enjoyed 2007 though I must admit I have 14 more prompts from then to still finish. eep! But I am totally on board this year!! Tags are a great idea. I like doing something different.

Sandi Keene

I am in as well. Love the small format. Tag up on Flickr. Thanks, Emily.


I'm in. I think I should be able to keep up with small. index cards or playing cards.


Love it - I'm in, not sure if I am going with playing cards or luggage tags. Would love your etsy kit, but the $ exchange is not good for me at the moment!


Yeah I am so glad you are back with this ... thanks for doing it. I'm definately in. :)


Well this is a first time thing for me. My 19 year old daughter who is away at art university is trying to convince me to do this with her. Unfortunately she's the artist and I'm not. But it's a really wonderful way to stay connected. Love your photos and your art work.


Count me in! So excited!
And I have a whole box of those nifty little cards...that way I don't have to sand and gesso a playing card. (read; lazy)

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