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January 29, 2009



ivy you are SO clever - please come & do granni's hair, i think you did a beautiful job on yindi's hair !! xxxxxx


Oh what fun! My cousin and I used to do that when we were little...what happy memories!


What great work she does! These pics are definitely keepers for when they are older. Too fun!

candy robles

love it!


Aww, how precious! My girls love doing hair too. I do believe, we even have the same bunny clips. :)

Verna G.

Awesome! I love it. :)

Jennifer M.

That is so sweet!


Ha! How precious is that?

Holly C.

Ivy-I love your work!


Sign me up! I have been needing to spice up my appearance!

Renee Alam

Wow,sign me up for a style or do I need a reference to get an appointment?I'm sure she has been busy with celebreties coming by so I hope she can make room for me. :)My youngest daughter & I do the same thing..we love doing each other's hair. :)

Monica C

Bad hair days be gone. I love it.

rachel whetzel

hee hee!! This makes me SO happy!!


Way to go girl!
I am suprised that Yindi sits there for her! My niece was the same way, you could imagine Ivy's style on my niece which is africa american!

Bina :)

Ahahaha so cute!! Ivy you can do my hair next time :)


I LOVE IT! I wish she could do mine. So sweet.


Very cute!....:)

Laura Reaux

Haha! Tell her me and my three girls can really use a makeover. We'll be right over. ;)

P.S. My husband is actually finally going to be dreading my hair this weekend (if he doesn't back out on me). I just found out I'm having twins and I think it's just TIME for this. Woo-hoo! Any tips?


Ivy, you are such a colorful pixie!

Heather H.

Beautiful work by Ivy. And Yindi is so fabulously cute!


Awww- that is the sweetest thing! And doesn't she think she is just something!


Oh how sweet! Sign me up please, I just can't seem to be able to do a thing with this hair lately.


too funny!!!


Forget the styling (which is pretty fabu, Miss Ivy-dear.) I want to know how she got a little munchkin like Yindi to sit still for that long. Is it a girl thing, because I'm quite confident that neither of my boys would sit that long for anything.


Very cute - when can I schedule an appointment?

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