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January 16, 2009


heidi larsen

i would LOVE to go to italy! how exciting! i can definitely see why it would be hard to scrapbook in such a beautiful place. very distracting.


Oh I would love to go to Italy.


OMG I would LOVE to go. I've been before, but no matter how much time you spend there, it's never enough! And to scrap while there? Sounds like heaven!!


this would be a dream...


OMG I would LOVE to go to Italy. I've been there before, but no matter how long you spend there, it's never enough. And to scrap with all those great teachers and amazing inspiration right outside your door?! Sounds pretty close to heaven! Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)


OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! is this for real!!!!!!??????? I have been to Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Rome and long to go back!!

Emily Barklage

What an awesome and generous offer! Italy is my dream trip.


I never win anything but I gotta try. Italy is my dream and being in classes with you three, well I'd be over the moon.
Pick Me!!!

heidi d

I need this....I sooo need this...all the death and divorce and sadness in my life these past two years...Oh God..please somehow pick me!!!!!!


Would be awesome. I wold love to go and join you and learn while there.


NO WAY! Wow, what a giveaway!! I can't even imagine :)


oh yeah! Fongole, Chianti and foccacia mixed with herma and ribbon...my favourite. Fingers crossed xx


Oh...my...ga! Please, please, please let your random number generator choose me :)


i couldn't imagine a more creative bunch of lovely ladies to hang with.


If I win, it's my dream of a European vacation come true! I would love to attend and meet you fabulous women!

Lisa A

What a great giveaway! Pick me, pick me!


Oh, please, pick me! I clicked on the Paper & Co link a while ago and daydreamed over the thought of going. Now that would make for a lucky year! Thanks for prolonging the daydream!



omigoodness!! this is quite a giveaway! I would love to go - sounds like the trip of a lifetime!


ME, ME, ME. I just ended my 5 year relationship and a trip to Italy would solve so much of the heart's problems. :P

(pitiful request no?)


Oh pick me, pick me lol hope you have a fantastic time, i bet, i would offer to come and baby sit your girls, just for a look at the veiw :)

heather fuentes

WOW! holy moly. i don't know how i'll get there but i WILL get there if i am the lucky duck. this would be BEYOND amazing! that view is stellar!!!


ooooooooohhhh....wouldn't this be the BEST 40th Birthday Gift?!?!?!?

Meaghan V

OMG what an absolute dream that would be! I would so bring my Mother with me as she got to go two years ago and LOVED it...all she has done since is talk about it...making me crazy jealous and so anxious to see the beauty of that place with my own eyes. To be taking art classes there makes it even more amazing! You are a real doll to be offering this as the sponsors!


Can't I just come and be your helper? Wipe the sweat from your brow, bring you beverages, massage your feet.....


this is verrrrrry tempting !!

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