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January 16, 2009



omg sounds like a dream, I would love love love to go!!


That view.....sigh! And the teachers.....sigh!
SCRAPBOOKING.....sigh! I would love to go, everything seems to be perfect over there :0) I`m wishing you a lot of fun on this trip!


How exciting. . . would love to go and bring the family along for a big scrapping adventure.


would love an excuse to go to italy..


oh my gosh! thats amazing! if i won i would find a way to get myself to italy! how incredible!


Holy Smoke! Italy, scrapbooking and art is on my top 5! I would fly sky-high!

Eleni Gratsia

Italy is just a hop skip and jump away from me!!! :D :D Enjoy the trip and have fun!!


wow! wonderful :-)


I hope I'm lucky! I would love to go! =)

Brandi George

WOW! I love this! I have heard about these classes and these trips and have always wanted to go. What a dream to meet *you* and Elsie and Celine....ahhhh! Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Brandi in Oregon

Maggie Albrecht

I would be honored to join you on such a wonderful arty-in-every-way trip to Italy!

Joanie Hoffman

okay, if it's not too late, I want to go!!!

Amy Tangerine

i would totally fly to italy for this!
pick me pick me!


OMG SO EXCITING of all the draws, let it be this one I win

PS my sister would have to come with me, Louise so if you are reading this, pack your bags

gina g

oh my greatness! What a treat!!! this would not take too much arm twisting for sure!


It would be sooooooooo coooooooooool if I could go to NAples ! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chooooooooooooooose meeeeeeeeeee !!!!!! Poi parlo italiano in quanto sono laureata in italiano !!!!!!!! Tank you ! Baci


what a fab giveaway....trying to think of something cool to say so that I stand out and you/ivy/yindi/mick (see i do read and i know you don't always do the picking !!) but I can't think of a thing. Just that I would LOVE to go and would be super-smashing to win. I love Italy and I want to see that view from the window whilst being artistic ;o)

Amy Louise

May my sister and split the classes between us, please? We are sisters by chance, best friends by choice and - of course - cropping buddies. She lived in Italy a few (ahem!) years ago and longs to return. My contribution? A stack of American Airlines points that need to be used up - yay! Plus, this would be SUCH a great way to ignore the MINUS 38 temperatures in our part of the world . . . my fingers will remain crossed . . . THANK YOU for such a lovely contest!!
Amy Louise


.......meant to actually say 'so that you/ivy/yindi/mick pick me'........doh :o)


wow.. very beautiful...

Julie Marshall

What an amazing trip! I would so love to join in the fun with all of you. To play with paints and paper and you lovely ladies--so cool! And I do have a big birthday coming up, wouldn't this be a great way to celebrate?

Thanks for the opportunity!


My toothbrush, gluestick and passport are ready and waiting.......


I have already booked the flight and the full class package and am looking SO much forward to going. Cant wait! And CONGRATS on your cute little tummy surprise. See you in march!


This would be lovely! I think I could talk hubby into a little trip (j/k, he'd love to go!).

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