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January 16, 2009



I would absolutely *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* this! wow this class sounds AMAZING!!! thanks for the chance!



i cannot BELIEVE that you are offering this! i feel such contradictory thoughts about this ~ how much it would cost me, how crazy/insane/ridiculous it'd be to just fly off to italy to make *art*!!! .. and how much my heart aches to do something so outrageous and creative with beautiful women as interested in art as i am!!

i would love, love, love to win this (and at the same time ~ i'm a bit.. ok, a lot scared!) either way it goes ~ thank you so much for giving me the idea that i *can* get off my butt and go anywhere if i really have the mind to do it. .. nothing's impossible!!

(sorry this is so long.. it's a bit late here. =P )


I'll try to wi the candy for a friend, does this count???
Can't wait to meet you again in Italy!!!


WOW! This would so be a dream come true, not only would classes with you three be just awesome, but to take in a bit of Italy too! Words cant describe. I'm an aussie living in London at the moment, Italy is certainly a place on my to do list. How cool!! What a great comp, after all, you gotta be in it to win it!


wow wow wow....a trip of a lfe time!
never been to Italy either on my to do list
what a brill give away
fingers n toes crossed


ME, ME, ME, I'd love to be there ;-).


hello everyone!
I'm Lory one of the organizers of the Paper and co show In Italy, we are very very enthusiastic to organize this event and I hope that the winner will be happy to be there with us!
Big Kisses


OMG! OMG! I've been checking this event on the web for 3 months by now. The sad part is that I'm just out of college and started to work in September so don't have much money for scrapbooking nowadays. It would be a dream come true to win the classes. :)
You're wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!


omgosh, those photos are just gorgeous!
that is amazing you taught there, and so awesome you will be returning:) hopefully, i will win and get to come with!


Oh dear. What a generous giveaway! Please enter me in the drawing... how I'd love to be a part of this experience!

Take care and good luck to you all!

REnette Gebele

A beautiful setting,inspiring teachers,wonderful Italian food and making new friends.....could this be scrapbook heaven???? I'd love to come.


PLEASE pull my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri Leseberg

wow... this is quite a giveaway! that would be a blast to take classes there..


Italy in march - oh how I would love to come :-)


Buongiorno, Would LOOOOOOOve to win that
Gracie mille!!!!!Very sweet of you to offer that


How I wish to be able to see this view too!!! And join some classes as well!!!


I don't know if this is fair because I'm already in Italy, but...this could be a dream that comes true...I'll cross my fingers!!!


This would be A DREAM! To take a class with you - AND go to Italy! Thank you so much for your generosity - and here's to winning this one!
Greetings from Florida!

Jamie H

What an amazing giveaway!!! Winner will definitely be a lucky soul for this opportunity!!! Sounds like an amazing learning experience and in ITALY!!!! Pick me!!! :)


Oh my...talk about temptation! I dream of Italy...and that view from the classroom...bliss!

Cyndi Speelman

WOW! Holy canoli! Sounds amazing. Would be a great place to learn from some of the best!!

Beautifullily (Fay)

Oh my, this would be a dream, super cool holiday!


The view itself would be enough let alone the classes & you fabo teachers!! I couldn't imagine the FUN!!!

julie thornton

Oh my, classes with you ladies would be awesome. Italy is just the icing on the cake...yes please!

Anna-Marie Still

for reals???? Em - I'd love to follow you half way around the world!

What a dream adventure - My hubby and maybe even the kiddos could tag along to bask in the sun while I'm getting crafty with you!

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