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January 23, 2009



aww baby girl!!! bless her, I know that face, Arlo has one just like it hehe


Congratulations on your great news! Happy Australia Day!

Laura Reaux

lol Aaaww... was she showing her frustration here? Or genuinely upset? She is too cute for words.

Helen Aitchison

Congrats on teh Baby news - I am sure the idea will GROW on you (well inside you at least!) and Well Done to Fontaine - i am SOOOOOOOOO jelous. I hope you have a great time in Italy.


Congrats to the winner and I love that cute face.


Congratulations Emily! Wow, that is so exciting. Happy Australia Day!


Congratulations! Blessings ! Lucky little bean to be born into your family!


Congrats to the winner and especially COngrats to you and your family Emily!


Oh, MY FRIEND!!! Just read your previous post about the little bean. How good is this!! CONGRATS!!! Wish my arms could reach across the globe and give you a BIG hug.
Wish you all the best.


Happy Australia Day honey
Congrats to Fontaine! lucky lady!
hugsxxxxxxxfrom my arms in Australia to yoursxxx


Poor you...I've heard beans can give you gas....Hey...I have a really good plan...we should celebrate Australia Day together....you like it too I know...I can throw a couple extra lentil burgers on the barbie...so....what time should i expect you guys?....


Ti-amo..Oh how I love..you..so..My heart jus won't..let..go-o-o-o..Day after day I keep holdin on..even tho ur gone Ti-amo..wasn't I good..to..you..Did all that I..could..do-o-o....

Gretchen Skovron

Oh I love that picture! And congrats to you and your family! What an exciting journey.

Amy Tangerine

5 is my favorite number!
how fun is that photo of yindi?!
congrats to the winner!!

Sherri P eh

That photo of Yindi is priceless! She will love it when she gets older!! And congratulations to the lucky winner! Have fun you two!


Hi! OMG! That's me! I emailed you! Yay!

and how exciting for you and your family! Congratulations :):):)

anna aspnes

congrats emily and good luck at cha...


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