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January 22, 2009


natalie Hochberg

Oh my god. How great. Can't wait till it's my turn. love you so much and can't wait to hear all the news about being prego. Hope to see you back at Ruban Rouge until then take care of yourself and your family.


Great news! Congrats to you and your cute family.


Congratulations! My little surprise made me much sicker than the first, but he was/is sure worth it! (hmmm.. a boy, maybe?)




Congratulations Emily to your and your family. What a joy. Hope your trips to the toilet bowl don't last for 9 months.

Mary Lib

What a delightful surprise !! You are such an awesome Mum to those two beautiful little girls - maybe you need the challenge of a bouncing baby BOY !!!!So happy for you and your family. Hoping your "meeting" goes well in the morning and is over quickly. :)-- or maybe cancelled !Congratulations!
~~Mary Lib in Florida


Congratulations Em!!! x0x


YAY! Congrats, how exciting!


congratulations emily and fam!!!


Fantastic! Congratulations!!


woo! congratulations! =)


oh wow!!! congratulations!!!


Congrats!! Hope you're feeling well enough to bask in the joy at leats a little bit each day. :)


Congrats to you all. I hope the sickness goes away quick.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Oh wow! What a surprise!! I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy!


wow! so exciting!
you DO believe in faeries....



Well I hope you are feeling better tomorrow! It's great news, though. Each child is a miracle that we never knew we could love so much, but yet we love them more than anything. I wish you all the luck and hopefully not much more sickness:)


I've been reading your blog for quite some time and haven't yet left a comment...but this is FANTABULOUS news! Congrats to you and your family!


Yay!!!! :) :) Congratulations! :)
I hope that you'll feel much better soon, I have been sick the entire pregnancy (just 5-7 more weeks to go!) and I know how hard that is. Feel better!


Oh, congratulations! What wonderful news. So happy for you. :)


yipee! congrats on the lentil!


omgosh, wow! congratulations and big hugs your way!


That's great Em..you are the best Momma! I would love to see how you would dress a boy..I bet adorable as usual, but it's an interesting thought.


How exciting! Another little beauty!
I hope your sickness goes away quickly.
I was sick EVERY day of all 122 weeks of my 3 pregnancies. SO not fun!
I will be thinking of you. = }

Judi W

Having gone through this myself I suspect Congrads is a bit premature, once you get over the shock and grow into the idea then it may be Congradulations time.
For now all I can assure you is everything happens for a reason and this unexpected achievement may very will turn out to be one of your biggest joys.

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