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January 14, 2009



I am so glad that you are feeling better! I wish I were in SoCal instead of a foggy, cold, and dreary valley in Oregon....I am planning a trip down to Cali in the summer, though! Our ocean is always so very very cold!

kristen Van Dyke

bedroom floor? what's that?


So glad you are feeling better, but boy, am I jealous of your weather! School was cancelled here in central IL today--lots of snow and COLD! Wind chills are supposed to hit -35 by tomorrow night! Yikes!


send some good weather my way!


Love these photos. We're definitely missing the sun and the green over here :-)


Are you at Seaport Village in the pictures?


warm weather sounds nice right about now, but I think i'd miss the snow shoeing and hot chocolate... :) Are those leg warmers on the little one that I spy possibly made by you, from socks from target?? :) I only guess this because I am always on the look out for knee highs to make leggies out of and found some in that print there the other day, cute cute!
loving your journal/question challenges by the way!


Sweet Yindi just bowls me over with those legs. So cute! This So. Cal. weather is certainly a gift. We have aired out every quilt, pillow and comforter. We usually don't hang those out until spring. Also, really enjoying hanging out the laundry in this warm sunshine...


Em hope you are feeling better soon - wish I lived closer and I would make you vegie soup and play with the girls so yu could sleep
I have left something over at my blog for you gorgeous
Marelle (Australia)


Lovely photos.....:)


i just arrived in southern california and just assumed that these 2 weeks of total bliss were just what it was like here!

i'm so glad your travels have been so good!


e is for *envy*


super cute leggies on yindi!!!
hope you are enjoying the weather!!

Laura Reaux

Don't you just love family outings? I'm organizing our closets today (it only took me about 4 years to get around to it) and came across so many great things that I forgot about... picnic bags, sheets, balls... and am in the mood for a visit to the park this weekend!

Love the leggings. ;)

chantele cross

Very jealous of your good weather, wales is cold and wet as always. and would love to have seen the sea lions!! thanks for this weeks question i really enjoyed doing my mini art journaling, looking forward to the next one.
Chantele (Wales, UK)


I *so* love your blog but I could never remember to visit without my Reader notifying me. I'm SO happy I can subscribe now!!



Hi Emily,

We are trying to make contact for the judging of Stars in Their Eyes down in little ol New Zealand :) Sorry to post here but it seems our emails aren't getting to you.


love those pics of the 2 little darlings (sorry phil & jane - you are cute too but I mean the littler ones -haha !!) - such sweet pics of them looking over the wall...and yindi's legs are adorable. you could do an album just on her leg shots alone xxxxxxx


wow - I can actually relate! We just moved to the central cali coast and have had weather in the mid to high 70's - we came from Oregon where we were having a cold wave, now here we're having a heat wave, but it's just right for me!


Looks gorgeous to me. We had -4 outside on Friday with a -20 windchill. Not pleasant. I just found your blog and I am coming late to the challenge but I am going to play catch up and hopefully continue on through the year. Thanks for putting this out here in blogland. pam

Sue McG

OMG how cute is that last shot of little Yindi?? My DD had a pair of red shoes at about the same age, and she used to walk around watching the shoes, she LOVED them - a sign of things to come :) This weather has been crazy, we're pretty blessed, I walked on the beach/cliffs on Sunday and watched dolphins playing around - amazing.

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