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February 02, 2009


Alison Gibbs

Stressed - that's how I feel today. Too much to do and not enough time!!
Better get away from Blogland for the day!!!

Sara R.

I like your tag! It's okay to be dark and twisty. :)


Great Tag!!!

I got mine done and posted it to my blog.

I had alot to say about how I felt :)



Had great fun with this weeks question although with the snow we had there was just one word to some up how I felt

Cold you can see it on my blog and on the flickr group


While I haven't been motivated by these quite enough to actually make my own, I am totally in love with them!


Okay, remember when I said "I am in" with 52q-1? Well, now I am out. ;-( That pesky Day Job makes a real dent in the rest of my life. But I will continue to admire everyone else's work. Carry on!


I made mine and posted it in the flickr group and also on my blog: http://jessiscorner.blogspot.com. I am feeling better now, but the day I made it I was just feeling rough emotionally, so hence the card:)


spurred on by your cool questions and awesome cards, (not to mention that amazing FLICKR GALLERY!!!) i am catching up! http://llaurenb.blogspot.com/2009/03/52q-3-4-5.html


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