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February 09, 2009



I aven't been doing the Q but I just wanted to comment and say how much I *love* your new header. It's beautiful! Do you do the headers yourself or have them done for you?



This one is going to be extra fun:)

Amy Louise

love, LOVe LOVE!!! this! thank you :-)

Widdle Shamrock

This is very thought provoking.

I will sit on this a couple of days I think.

candy robles

i love the new banner!


oooohhh! this is deep! I know so many people are going to do the "not a thing!" thing...I have to admit I'd change things...but how much will I admit to on paper....interesting question! thanks Emily!


i hope your friend and family are OK back "home"

Melissa H

oooohhh em.... this is a huge question for me right now! i would like to say YES!! nice and loudly, but if i did, i wouldnt have my 3 beautiful children.... this will take some thinking! xx


great question!

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, so I decided I should finally comment. Love your work, and absolutely love your posts!


you can check mine out at http://jessiscorner.blogspot.com/2009/02/if-i-could-do-it-all-again-would-i.html.
TFL! and might I say I am so inspired by all the work everyone is doing:) Great jobs by everyone!


Ok got mine done. I posted a few pictures of my page. I used mostly "garbage" and even included the tag from my bed comforter on it.

Check it out:


Keep those thought provoking questions coming Em!


Wow what a deep question this week. Mine is done and on my blog along with all the others if you want to take a look to see how I did.
Sue x



Hi Emily, here the italian works.
Wish you enjoy them! :)

Your questions are getting more and more difficult!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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