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February 23, 2009



My wee one asking me, "Mom, What does God look like?"

try answering that one!


On my blog I said it!! LOL, my Jorja(3) saying "you have a fat butt mum!" and when I looked sad, she added in "BUT you are cute!"

Kids are seriously the funniest people on the earth.

Love it.

Alison Gibbs

What a great question Emily!


today, my sweet little girl chewing out the weiner dog in a perfect mimic of momma! That dog listens to no human, no matter the size!


well at least the clothes were clean, that could have been a dirty pile of clothes!

Mary Jo

sigh...while going to empty my spam folder, I hit delete as my tired sleep deprived brain registered that the last item was an email from *e* falconbridge. So it was accidentally deleted. I'm sorry :0( Didn't even get to read it.
I'm sure it was about a recent comment I made.


Emily! i started your 52Q journal today. Really hard considering I was offered an awesome job managing an art store yesterday. I think it tainted all my answers..'are you afraid of change?' The questions actually helped me make my decision. I'm gonna take the job and continue the journal..Oh, thanks for the link to the questions on the side!

Joanie Hoffman

I have to think about the question, but...
I really do love your new banner photo. It's perfect.
Happy days,

Ana F.

Hey, Em. I love the look on your tag. Is it sprayed? How do you do it?


I made my page for this week out of garbage that landed on my art island over this past weekend - a lego bag, ribbon from PJ's, a stem and leaf from a chocolate rose......

Anyway it made making my page fast.

I posted some pictures of it on my blog.



I'm so excited to have found your blog off of Jill's blog. love looking at your artwork and great inspiration. I've recently decided to give the more art-journal look a go...and am having a ton of fun with it. Excited to keep up with your questions! CHEERS!


my tags are here:




I finally posted my 4-7 questions. Thanks for inspiring me to journal. I need a little prompting.

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