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February 19, 2009


Rebecca Vavic

Oh Ems, they are darling!


Loving the pants.! I wish I had that pattern when my daughter was that age.


oh em! the aquarium pics. magic. i can just see ivy and yindi looking at those when they are in their thirties, and posting them on their version of facebook with the title "the good old days"

mandie segura

How cute! What sweet photos!!!


i was just going to write they are so cute together and then i saw you'd pretty much written it! mine were the same -- almost 6 years apart but they were so sweet together -- big bro very protective of little sis, little sis adoring big bro and wanting to hang out with "guy" as she used to call him...

Kimberly Reed

those pants rock!
your photos make me happy. the girls are both so beautiful.


I especially love your little gals shirt... what brand... Shilav? Love it!


Cool trousers Yindi!

I've been reading Soulemamas's book this week and really wanted to have a play with an old shirt too. Didn't have any though so been trying out some of her other ideas and have now got they cutest cushion with Max's (my 3 years old) drawing on it.
Can't wait to try out some of her other ideas.


I love these aquarium shots! They are beautiful (and the coolio pants).


This post makes me want to have little babies of my own just so I can take them to the aquarium and take fabulous photos like yours!

Bina :)

Arrggg Too Cute...
I miss you all...


Yindis face = opposite of birth control.
Aquarium pics are magical

Amy Tangerine

you are too dang cute.
and those photos are fab.
hope to see your smiley face soon!


Adorable. And the aquarium photos are gorgeous. Makes me want to grab a few kids and go just to snap some shots.


lol! That's so funny, and really clever at the same time!

You should have that photo at the Aquarium enlarged and framed! It's stunning!


A very,very great idea!And your baby looks so happy on this photo! ^_^


Absolutely delicious pair of pants. Do you make them my size too??? I will settle for shorts otherwise!!!

Laura Reaux

You did an awesome job on them! I haven't looked at the book in a few months and completely forgot I wanted to try that out for Maya. And let me just say that Yindi is getting so big and so beautiful! You've got a gorgeous family. :)

P.S. I dreaded my hair a week ago!

Jen Davis

I totally saw this in her book too! =) Did you also know that you can make bags from t-shirts? All you do is cut off the sleeves and using a medium sized bowl you trace around the neck hole and cut, and last you sew the bottom hem of the t-shirt together and you have a bag! You can then of course stitch around the handles and the neck to finish off and embellish as desired of course! =)

Love your pants...the absolutel JOY in recycling!



My favorite thing on young little people is a good set of cheeks, and Yindi's are adorable!

Mary Jo

I have never met you IRL but I think you must be one of my favorite people in the whole world.
You are so inspiring and make me look at the world and myself as a mom in a whole better light.
Thank you :0)
Oh and thanks for the link to the Soule Mama book. Can't wait to get it :0)


ha...I thought those looked familiar!

You were adorable in the shirt...but I have to say that those pants are the BEST! :)


oh my gosh, i love those aquarium photos! and i love how much color you keep in your lives. i just got my copy of creative family from the library, and i'm eating it up! i may have to buy my own so i don't have to keep slapping my hand to keep myself from dog-earing pages and writing in the margins :O)


i totally know what you mean about your girls together. we have a 7 yr old and recently adopted a sweet baby girl. when i see the two of them together it is so magical. my heart fills my chest. sigh


Oh, my goodness that Little is getting big! I can't wait to give her a snuggle when I'm down (I am going to see you all, aren't I?).

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