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February 03, 2009


Sara R.

I hear you on the "piles"! Lovely pages, by the way. I'm putting off my album time until that first weekend in April...you know? Lots of time to sit, listen, and organize! ;)


I am wondering what year that layout of you was published in CK? I really don't ever remember seeing it and I have been an "Em fan" for a long time. The photo is beautiful as only Tara photos are.....its like your soul shines off the page. Awesome!


I used to scrapbook all of the time too. I stopped because we moved so often that I could never get my scrapbook things set up to use them. Now we are finally settled down, and my sister lives nearby, so we are encouraging each other to get back into scrapbooking. It really helps to have someone, or something, to motivate you. In the past month I have gotten 10 pages done, and that is cranking it out for me :)


LOL...because I do understand the lack of time, etc. Here's a suggestion....put just 5 layouts a day in a binder...just 5. Before you know you will be done.


This is gonna sound silly, but I just had a revelation. It has never occurred to me to do a page without having a book for it to go into. This isn't a good thing really. What this means is that I have tons of scrappable pictures and tons of supplies, but don't know what to put where so I do nothing at all. Isn't it better to scrap something than nothing at all?

All I can say is WoW! It's a lightbulb moment!


I want time to sit and create too but with a 3 year old and working p-t as a teacher there never seem to be enough hours in the day. I am managing to make time each week for my 52Q though :)


I love all your layouts. You're SO origional and creative!


i just did! like 6 months ago and it does feel good:) it took hours - but it was worth it. PLUS you only have 2 kidlets (for now - congrats - sorry you feel like doodoo) - you could get those pages organized in 2 hours - I swear. do it. do it.

Mary Jo

Love your pages! :0)
I was just thinking this today but not quite sure where to post it :)
That there are so many projects I WANT to work on (lots of inspiration lately) and a few half finished ones that need completing.
I'm a little overwhelmed by it all.
January was a good month creatively.
But february (yes I know it's only three days in) but I am stuck!
I need to get off the computer right this moment.
You've inspired me to do that ;0)


LOL...you are normal after all!!!
that's what happens to all of us with more than one child....everything goes by the wayside and you have piles everywhere, but life goes on in a good way....being organized is over rated !!

Rebecca Vavic

Ah... I can so relate sweets :) Hence my email bemoaning "wheeeeeeen will I ever have me time"... translation - time to just clean my messy studio!!

Like you... I get started on cleaning and end up creating ... the cycle continues.

I think I just need to accept it.

I love all your layouts Ems, they are sensational... the one of you is just stunning!

I agree with Beth, being organised is over rated... well more organised than one needs to be to keep the kids happy anyways.



Arg! It seems like everyone is trying to get more scrapbooking done and organize it all too. I feel your pain...it's a tough job.


Beautiful lo's!

Good luck to you! I'm sure you'll find the time and a good way to organize everything.

I have quite a few projects that have yet to be completed... and one that is so overwhelming that I'm not sure where to begin. (ALL of my grandmother's and my mom's pictures that i need to sort, scan and scrap).

Then, there's ones that I want to start...

Kimberly Reed

you rock.
love your schtuffs.
and you!

kelly mccaleb

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this makes me want to scrapbook. 2 pages a month would be totally cranking to me these days.

julie thornton

Em, its so nice to see these layouts...it great to know that you are a bit like the rest of us...too much to do, not enough hours! Take care!

Laura Melohn

Love your pages...and the stack...I, personally, have given up 12X12 pages. And only do mini books. They have a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Perfect for my need for instant gratification...


Just a thought....I once had a giant pile of pages and several old post bound albums that I didn't want to toss, but didn't want to mess with either.

My husband offered to help and one afternoon HE added pages and wrestled and cursed those posts and filled the books for me!

Maybe when you are feeling particularly pathetic and pregnant you can lay it on Mick (if you can catch him in a moment of weakness). Good luck!!


Thanks for sharing those lovely layouts. Take baby steps to reach your goal of getting your stuff into albums. Say this week you will take half of the pile and organize it...then next week the other half, etc. You WILL get it done!

Amy in Texas

Love that I'm not the only one with pages waiting for a home. But I love it even better that your space is like mine! I have to often remind myself of the quote I read when I began teaching many years ago: a cluttered desk is the sign of a brilliant mind.

We must be gifted! :)


I am glad to see someone else with a table like mine! And the floor? Yep...I keep the door closed when company's over. Love the layouts you shared.


First congratulations on your pregancy.
Now I love seeing this, its real, its a sign of modern day business unfortunately and if you had fun doing your L/O's then all the better.
If you put a page in place a week, they will then have a new home, but the home you have for them is perfect too.

Christina (in NZ)

I can totally relate. So so so many things I want to create and so many photos I want to play with, but so little time and motivation.

Love these layouts, especially the Earth Baby one. The Nature Baby packaging is so sweet. I have a few of those tags that have been waiting for a home, for what, the last 20 months. Sad.

Laura Reaux

What a bunch of super sweet layouts. You are making ME want to do some yummy creating now, too. By the way, I am *exactly* the same messy way. I love having things organized, but I'm such a procrastinator that stuff piles up quickly. Bleh!

sasha farina

I must admit, I miss seeing your scrapbook pages. I am so glad you posted these, its just not the same seeing them here and in the mag u know :) and go go go. . . scrap!! :D I'll be cheering you on. Speaking of which, i need a cheering team of my own to kick my butt into staring the 52weeks project :D LOL

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