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February 02, 2009



Well at least it is not the REAL thing! Just imagine that one or better yet, don't imagine that one.

Take care!


oh yuck! i hope she quickly outgrows that one! at least you'll be able to look back and tell her all about it one day.

Sherri P eh

I'm both feeling sorry for you Emily, and laughing at the image of your sweet little Yindi! Funny girl!!


That girl has a good sense of humour! or ironic comedy...
May the smiles help you through these rough days.

Between Hitching Posts

At least it shows she cares.... I think?

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

OH MY GOSH!!!! That is funny and sad all at the same time. Funny for her....sad for you.

It reminds me of the time that I was 7.5 months pregnant with my daughter and on a plane to Ecuador. There were a couple of college guys across the isle that started making puke noises as I was barfing into a barf bag, just making it worse. The hubby was in the bathroom and as soon as they saw him come back, they stopped. I wanted so badly to blow the bag up and pop it in their faces!


I shouldnt be laughing as much as i am. sorry. xx


Oh my, that is too funny! Perhaps she's just trying to make you feel better? :)



funny girl. I hope you feel better!!!!


Oh, bless her!xx


Yes, it must be a form of flattery. Silly children, aren't we all?

Question for you ... is our question for the week "is imitation the highest form of flattery?"

Tanya Webster

LOL!! I had to post this to make you feel better....I am the mama of four little girls and every single one of them (aside from the last of course) all thought that the toilet was for puking in before they knew it was for potty training :) i threw up for 9 months straight with each of my girls...it got worse with each one...but they were all worth it and i would do it four more times if i could talk my man into it! thinking good thoughts for you sweetie!


Hahaaaa! How cool is that?! Your daughter is not only cute but really funny, too :)

I hope, though, that you'll feel better soon.


Oh, you poor thing! My mom has always told the story of how I did the very same thing when she was pregnant with my little sis. We're only 16 months apart.
Here's hoping you feel better soon and get past the sicky stage. :)

J Lu

Is that this weeks question? You may not have meant it to be, but it's a good one!

Sorry you are sick. Have you tried ginger ale?


;-)... thats so great... I hope you feel better very very soon... I am sure you got already too much advice, so just a story or something meant to be a story; I ate one cookie from the organic store some lemony-ginger-thing just in bed before I even really moved in the morning, it helped a bit and when it came back I had another one... okay I gained a bit of weight too fast, but...
Katrin from Germany who loves your blog and wishes she would know you in person so maybe Italy some time...


That is too funny. I was sick with my first two, deathly with the second. I switched dads and the last three were just upset stomach, no blaaaaH!

I wish I knew the answer for you. It will pass, just keep telling yourself that!

Renee Alam

That is definitely the one thing I do not miss about being pregnant.Hope you get over it soon.I like Heather's funny post about how switching dads made her less sick..lol!I think I just might put up with the sickness but it was funny to think about. :)


Awww. Feel better!


ooooohhhh! i am SO sorry that you are so ill. at least you have some entertainment!

kristen Van Dyke

i'm so sorry you're sick.

that is so, so funny.

rachel whetzel

OK. At your expense, that TOTALLY made my day. TOTALLY. I love ya, Em!

Rachel Tucker

OMGosh that is so funny ... ok well not for you .... but for all the lucky ones who were not sick at all during a pregancy ...like me .... very funny !! Too cute !

Sara R.

I shouldn't be laughing...but kids are just so darn funny when it comes to doing what mommy does. Sorry you're feeling poorly! I hated that...


she is just like mick!! same sense of humour.
i just got over my puking, every time Callum saw me chuck he would come cuddle the baby (ie my tummy), oh yeah, cuddle the one who's making mummy sick, don't worry about me!!! really lovely.
not too much longer for you....you'll be feeling beter soon

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